Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Micah

Dear Micah,

It's the day before you turn 4 years old.  I hear you in the hallway playing Connect 4 with your big brother.  You just walked through the living room wearing your "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" pajamas.  I told you to go put on socks because it is a little chilly on this November morning.  You got one sock on just right but the other sock just wouldn't cooperate.  That is what I love about this age.  You are big enough to do some things but sometimes you just need our help.

Just last week, we had photos taken for our 2014 Christmas Cards.  You were so cooperative and so fun.  And, when you wouldn't smile, we got you to smile just by saying "Hello Kitty!"  Who knows why you all of the sudden like Hello Kitty, but you do!  I wonder if this is the last year that girl toys will be fun for you?  Last year it was The Little Mermaid and the year before it was Abby Cadabby.  You've always had your own interests and we've celebrated those with you.  I hope you'll always be an individual who isn't ashamed to admit what you like.

As I sit here, I think about how I felt just 4 years ago.  I was still so sick and just excited to get you on the outside.  I still tell people that "Micah on the outside has always been better than Micah on the inside!"
You entered this world and looked just like your big brother.  Neither of us could believe how much you two favored each other.
Speaking of your big brother, I've never seen a sweeter relationship that what you two share.  You adore him.  He's your best friend.  You would choose him over any other person on this planet.  He slept in your bed last night and it took you forever to go to sleep.  I asked you why you had a hard time settling down and you said "I was just so excited Jonah was in my real bed!"

I remember when he came in to meet you.  He was a little nervous and a lot timid.  He wanted to check out every inch of you.  He sang to you.  He loved you so much.  Nothing has changed since that moment.  One of the things I look most forward to as you grow is seeing your relationship with Jonah grow.

He is as happy about celebrating your birthday as you are.  Some of that is because of all the fun presents you are getting but most of it is just because of how much he loves you.  

Sweet one, I have loved these four years with you.  You have been a precious part of my life.  You bring joy and laughter to our home.  You say and do the funniest things.  You mispronounce things and as much as I know that I need to correct you, it is hard because it is too cute.  Your latest mix-up is calling Toys R Us "Toys FOR Us" instead.  You love all things Disney.  You still sleep like a champ.  When we put you to bed, you don't get up at all in the night and wait for us to come get you in the morning.  We told you that first night in the big bed that you couldn't get up until we came in and you never have.  You love music but VBS music is your favorite with Frozen as a close second.  If given the opportunity, you would play board games all day long.  

I love you more than you will ever imagine.  You are such a sweet little guy with a huge heart.  You love big!  You bring such emotion to everything you do.  And, that is what makes you who you are.  It surprises most people when I tell them you are a huge introvert, but you are.  They think you can't be funny and crazy and be an introvert, but you are.  That makes you cling to me a little more and I'm okay with that!

Just know that your mommy will always love you.  Even when you are too big to sit in my lap or to ask me to lay with you for a while.  I know those days will pass soon.  So, for now, we will snuggle a lot.  We will play a lot of games.  We will sing silly songs.  We will take walks around the neighborhood where I have to carry you some because your legs are just too tired.  We will have dance parties, watch Daniel's Tiger Neighborhood, cook brownies, read a lot of books and tuck you in every chance I get.  And, at the end of those (sometimes very long) days, I will remember to thank God for blessing us with you.  Because, you are just that...a blessing!


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