Monday, October 6, 2014

September iphone dump

When my boys are older, they may hate looking back at all of these pictures of them holding hands and walking.  But, I hope they prod them to remember how close they were and to desire to maintain a close relationship. 
Micah and I were walking through our neighborhood one night and he spotted the X on the sidewalk and screamed to me that he found the treasure. 
Our nursery/preschool/kids minsitry has implemented a new check-in/security system and we have the key tags to prove it.  :-)
Laundry Day!  I'm training these boys to help around the house!
Dan and Micah spent a Friday at Magic Kingdom and had a great time!
I sent this to a friend because we always have one person make the most random comments on our FB Status.  It was so appropriate after we had a conversation about this the night before!
This kid LOVES an Icee from the Racetrac. 
Jonah's first Discipleship class made me so happy.  It was a huge blessing to see those kids diving into God's word and learning to study the Bible themselves. 
My boys all in white t-shirts.  It's kind of a uniform around here. 
This one loves his "The Very Hungry Caterpillar!"  That is definitely his all time favorite book.  Gymboree has an Eric Carle line and I want it all for him because I know how much he would love it. 
I knew this guy was sick after school one day when he couldn't sit up for crying.  I took this picture for Dan as we waited to see the doctor. 
Then, after I got home with him, the little guy got sick and we all loaded up and went back to the doctor.  That was the week we spent $250 in $25 copays. 

But, as you can see, he felt better soon. 
One of my favorite things this year is volunteering at Jonah's school. I spend 8-12 hours there each week and love every minute of it.  I usually have lunch with Jonah on the Thursday I am there. 
I've been able to do some nursing home/hospital visits with Dan on Friday morning since we switched Micah's preschool day.  It's been special to see him love on these sweet senior adults. 
We've enjoyed a few Disney days lately. 

And, trains have been the toy of the month at our house.  I can't tell you how many hours they have spent building tracks all through our house. 

This is good. 
So is this.  :-)
And, just for laughs...Micah in the fatbooth!  ha
I'm in the middle of the study on the life of Paul and came across this.  I know some people who have lived this out in big ways. 
This is Saturday night.  I'm super excited.
Jonah and Ava have been friends since K-3.  We have so many pictures of them together.  I love looking back and seeing how they have grown. 
Speaking of growing, this was my #tbt one day last month.  Little Jonah was so cute!
One Friday morning, I snapped this photo while we were both doing our quiet times.  I'm in Acts and he is in Judges. 
More trains!
September was a FULL month.  I don't think I used my regular camera more than a couple of times.  So, I'm glad for the iPhone dump posts because it makes up for my lack of blogging. 

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