Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Little Red Fire Truck

 After Micah was born, we received a sweet package in the mail for him from the people who sold us this house.  It was a fun book about fire trucks called My Little Red Fire Truck.  It has all of these different things you take off the page to do an activity on the truck.  Micah loves it.  (So does Jonah!) 
 I kept it put up until Micah was 18 months old or so.  They have played with it and read it so many times since then.  Surprisingly, it is still in pretty good shape.  One morning last week, Micah asked if he could read outside while I was cleaning.  I opened the door and he grabbed that book and took it to the couch on the patio.  
 He talked to him self in his best fireman voice.  He fixed the tires and rolled up the hose.  He made a siren noise.  He sang a song about fires.  He literally stayed out there for over an hour with that one book.  I went out with him for a while and read the book to him and then he read it to me.  
I think this might be one of those books that ends up in his box of special things to pass on to him when he is older.  

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