Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Friday night.  I'm happy to be home and not out and about somewhere.  It's been a hard week for me and I'm grateful for a break.  We actually had plans to go down to Disney after we got Jonah from school but some things came up for me so I sent Dan and Micah and I stayed here to get Jonah from school.  I felt bad for him missing the fun so while I was chatting with his teacher at the flagpole, he asked if some of his friends could come home with us.  I was happy to have them entertain him for the afternoon.

I have been thinking of trading my van for a car but today reminded me why I like the van.  I was able to bring 3 friends home with Jonah and still have room for Micah if he had been with us.  In this stage of life, I want to be able to have Jonah and Micah's friends over without worrying about transporting them.  It's fun having a house full of kids.  

Micah had his first playdate with a friend from school this week and he loved it.  He has always been the little guy so he felt so big having a friend come home from school with him.  The only problem is that he now wants a friend to come home every single day.  

I don't know (without counting them) how many weeks in to this school year that we are (3 maybe?) but it feels like it has been forever.  Jonah's placement has been perfect.  I've already volunteered a good bit.  I was in the media center today and Ms. Ross said "Jonah seems to have really come out of his shell and seems to be full of confidence this year!"  That was big affirmation to me.  I've seen it too.  I guess that when Mrs. Myers told us the 3rd grade was the magical leveling year, she was right.  It seems that every thing we worried about really did level out when he hit 3rd grade.  I'm excited about what that means for him.  

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