Saturday, September 27, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week 10

Day 64 
Work with Mommy
Fun with Meagan while I went to a meeting
Play time with the Ricks' kids
Ice Cream at Sweet Spot

Day 65
Chuck E. Cheese with Mrs. Beth & Lennon
Tennis with the family
Playground with the family

Day 66
Sun Rail ride to Winter Park
Lunch at The Coop
Shopping and Ice Cream on Park Avenue
Day 67
Disney Water Park with The Schacter Family
Day 68
Meet the Teacher Day
Jonah to Disney with The Shacters and Miss Hannah
Micah shopping and dinner with Mom & Dad

Day 69
Disney Water Park with the family
Day 70
THE BIG FINALE to the greatest summer EVER!!!
The Melting Pot on the night before school begins!

Well, this finishes it up!  The 70th post of our fabulous summer.  I can not imagine a better summer than we had this year.  I already know our summer will look different next year.  Jonah is signed up for WinShape Camp in Georgia next July.  I will go 5 days without seeing his sweet face.  I can hardly believe I'm doing this but I know it is best for him.  I have a few friends who have sent their kids to WinShape and they all say it is the best thing they have ever done for them.  So, after praying about it and asking a lot of questions, we went for it.  That, with a few other things planned will make for a fun summer but different than this year.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to be home with them and experience the things we did this summer.  These days were some of the sweetest of my life!

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