Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A small catch up

 It is after 10 on Wednesday night and I'm super tired but we are catching up on some DVR so I decided to do a quick blog post.  This has been one of those weeks that I have had tons to do but a certain 3 year old had a fever Monday that hasn't let up until tonight.  I canceled all of my plans and turned into nurse mom.  I took him to the doctor but his ears and throat were fine.  So, I guess it is just some kind of fever virus.  Hopefully he can go to school tomorrow.  I hate paying for a week of preschool and not using it.  AND, Thursday is my day to work in Jonah's classroom.  I really hate to miss that.  

Speaking of Jonah's classroom, we are having a GREAT year.  And, by saying WE, I really mean we.  Dan and I have both gotten to be in the classroom and have really connected with his teacher and the kids in his class.  One afternoon I was there for something after school and Micah was with me.  As you can see, Micah enjoys Jonah's classroom also. 
 This has been the year of play dates for us.  We take any opportunity we can to bring a school friend home with us.  Sometimes we go out for pizza.  Sometimes we play video games.  Sometimes we swim.  Sometimes we do homework.  (Doesn't that sound fun??)  Regardless of what we do, it is always fun to have a friend (or, many times FRIENDS) with us. 
 Last Friday, Micah got to spend a Disney day at Animal Kingdom with his friend Miller and his mom and dad.  It was a little surreal for me to send my 3 year old off to Disney for the day.  That just makes him seem so big and being big is hard for me to accept.  I just can't believe that tiny baby Miller is already 4.  But, regardless of how old they are, I'm just so grateful for their friendship and love for the other one. 
 When we bought our patio furniture, I searched everywhere for a great deal.  That stuff is crazy expensive.  I finally found a Ty Pennington set on Clearance at Sears and happily bought it.  What I didn't know is that the seating was a special size and can't be bought in stores.  So, we have had terrible (ugly and dirty) cushions for all our time here.  I've bought and returned more cushions than you could ever imagine.  I finally gave up hope for ever replacing them.  Then, I discovered someone who recovers them.  So, I began the search for fabric.  I had already bought a navy/white Chevron outdoor rug so I wanted something with navy and white.  And, we have zero gravity chair out there that is green.  So, I was thrilled to find this fabric on sale at JoAnn's last week.  I can't wait to get the back porch finished using 15 yards of this pretty fabric!
 Last year we started buying pieces of Thomas the Train track and trains.  We have bought very few but the kids have loved what we bought.  One day, our neighbors heard us talking about it and told us that we could borrow theirs.  They brought over a huge bin of tracks and two boxes of Thomas trains.  Seriously, thousands of dollars of trains for us to use as long as we want them.  My kids have played with trains every waking hour since then.  Seriously, how nice is that of them to share with us?
 And, this last picture has no story but it was just a different perspective and I love it. 

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Aja said...

This post desperately made me miss blogging. I'm not sure why, but it was perfect. :) Also, Holder was SO bummed yesterday. He said "I just really miss Jonah." And that's without knowing there are video games at your house! (He played 5 minutes at C&T house and then asked Nina to talk to me about getting him video games).


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