Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 Open House for Jonah's School

Today was a full day for me. I got to Jonah's school at 8:15 and left at 3:45.  I was able to help several of Jonah's former teachers and also spend a great deal of time in Jonah's classroom.  It was a fun day.  Because tonight was Open House, I stayed late and helped 2 of the teachers in his pod.  When it was time to leave, we took Noah home with us.  His mom was planning to work until time for Open House to begin so he happily went home with us for video games and pizza. 
We got Noah back to his mom's room but she was in Mrs. Myers' room for Emilia's Open House so we all sat in the workroom of that pod and Dan read a book to the boys until time for the 3rd grade classes to open. 

Here is Jonah with his teacher, Mrs. Leonard.  We ADORE this lady.  She is such a phenomenal teacher.  I know that because I've been in her classroom a lot this year already.  I'm amazed by her.  I come home every time telling Dan things she did that blew my mind that day.  We feel so blessed to be in her class this year.  (Yeah, we hit the teacher lottery again!!!)
While Dan and Jonah were working their way through the activities in his classroom, Micah and I took a walk over to the art room to check on clay club for Jonah.  Unfortunately, it meets on the same day as Odyssey of the Mind and he doesn't want anything to interfere with that.  He loved being part of his school's inaugural OotM group last year. 

I snapped this picture of Jonah and Ava while walking around their classroom tonight.  Ava was in Jonah's 3 year old class when we moved here.  Other than 2nd grade, they have been together every year. 
When I saw this picture tonight, it caused me to go back and look at other pictures of them together.  There are so many of them (seriously, SO many!) but I picked three others so I could make a little collage of them. 

We left Jonah's classroom and rotated through all of the special area classrooms. 
After leaving art, we ran into Miller and his family.  Today is Miller's 4th birthday.  Micah will spend tomorrow with him celebrating in a BIG way!!!

When Micah joins Jonah at this school, Jonah will be in 5th grade and Micah will be in Kindergarten.  (whoa!)

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