Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sara Madalin comes to visit!

Our friend Sara Madalin came to town last month and brought her parents along with her.  They stayed at a resort in Orlando so we drove over to meet them so we could use their resort privileges spend some time together. 

These two have had some fun times over the years.  This trip was no exception.  They play very well together and always love being together. 

The moms took every step with the kids and by took every step, I really mean we kind of lounged on the side and watched the kids have fun. 

We had a great time in the water then we all went to Downtown Disney for bowling at Splitsville.  Then, later in the week, they came to our house for a couple of days.  If you know SM at all, then you know she is a HUGE lover of all things reptile.  So, for a reptile lover, a trip to The Reptile Discovery Center in DeLand is a MUST.   We were excited for them to see the Venom Extraction Program.  

The Reptile Discovery Center is a unique facility in which visitors are exposed to a wide variety of reptile species.  In the Center's Serpentarium, dozens of the world's most dangerous and exotic snakes are on display, including a thirteen-foot king cobra and a fourteen-foot burmese python.  The outside nature trail features alligators, lizards, tortoises and other reptiles which can be seen up close in their natural environments.

The Center is also home to Medtoxin Venom Laboratories. Medtoxin is a  commercial venom production facility. Medtoxin collects venom from a wide variety of snakes, which is shipped around the world for making anti-venom and for use in pharmaceuticals and medical research. The Reptile Discovery Center is one of only a handful of facilities in the United States and around the world where venom extraction can be viewed safely in a comfortable setting. Only safety glass separates the viewing public from expert handlers and some of the worlds most dangerous snakes.

The kids were all excited to have the opportunity to hold snakes.  Well, Jonah and Sara Madalin were.  Micah was a little questionable!

The cobra brought these reactions.  Yep...

This particular day was the day before Jonah's 8th birthday so we all went to celebrate at Fujiyama. 

When we got back to the house, Sara Madalin gave Jonah a very sweet homemade birthday card!

It was such a fun visit with some of our favorite friends.  They have visited us more in FL then anyone else.  And, they make us laugh more than anyone else.  So, that is a win/win!


Cathi said...

I nominate you and Dan to chaperone any/all field trips to that place! I couldn't scroll past all those snakes any faster and have goosebumps from head to toe! Proud of you for holding that yellow boa. No amount of money would be enough for me to put myself in your shoes!! Eeks!

Penny said...

I used to think Jonah was the Glenn genius, but since the snake pics, Micah gets my vote for smartest Glenn! Lol


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