Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Playing Church

On the next to last week of the summer, both of our boys were diagnosed with Pneumonia. BOTH OF THEM!  Right in the midst of the hot summer.  The doctor told us to to take them home and stay away from other kids for 48 hours.  That meant we would have to miss church.  While talking about that, Dan recounted memories from his childhood of missing church due to sickness but having church at home.  I decided to offer that to the boys.  They jumped at the idea.  Jonah set up the chairs while Micah gathered every "friend" in the house.  I'm not sure what it says about our church that we had a snake on the front row. 
We all had parts in the service so naturally, the boys wore a tie...OVER THEIR PAJAMAS!

Our service had many different elements from singing to preaching to the offering.  (With various other things sprinkled in!)  The chest that stores our blankets became the pulpit. 
Both kids chose two songs they wanted to lead us to sing.  So, I found them on Youtube and mirrored them onto our TV using Apple TV.   That made me the tech crew!  (See, we all had a part!)
Jonah chose two songs they sing in Children's Church. 

Before church started, I got a text from Louise that Hazel had a spell during the night and she had been up most of the night with her and was still with her so she missed church.  I invited her to come to our church but told her she had to bring an offering.  :-)  (And, yes...we did give the offering to our church the next week!)  She came over and Micah (head usher) gave her a spot on the last row of chairs but still in front of the recliners that held more friends. 
Micah chose two songs from VBS.  (I've never been so tired of VBS music as I am this year!)
Then he took up the offering.   And, he basically told all of us we had to give money or we couldn't come to church.  (That's the reason I told Louise she had to bring an offering.) 

Jonah preached to us from his Action Bible.  Then, I did a devotion.

I'm afraid a few of the congregants fell straight up laid down on their row.  They obviously have no home training!

Louise even participated!
He's not asleep...he is praying!

Oh, I forgot...we also had a puppet show. 
And, Micah played the Recorder. 

It was such a sweet day!  My boys have talked about it so much since then.  We had some great lessons and even talked about the verse in the Bible  (Hebrews 10:25) that talks about not forsaking fellowship with other believers and not meeting together as a body of believers.  It was a good lesson for them that church isn't just a building but that it is important to meet with other believers.   I certainly don't want my kids to be sick but I'm glad to have an alternative that they really enjoyed!

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