Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meet The Teacher- 2014-2015

 Yesterday was the final clue that it is officially time for school.  Jonah had Meet the Teacher at his school from 11:30-1:00 and Micah had it at his school from 5:00-6:30.   We've known the date for Jonah's since school ended last year.  So, we have had it on the calendar and been prepared for it.  This day also happened to be the day our Disney Passes came out of the blackout season.  So, we planned to leave Jonah's school and head straight to Disney.  But, last week, we found out Micah's school would also be the same day but that night.  So, we nixed our Disney plans so we could attend both events.

 Our new Children's Minister and Laura's family were going down to the Magic Kingdom right after MTT so they offered to take Jonah with them.  He was very happy to head out with friends.  We packed his lunch so he could eat on the way down.  Micah happily carried his lunch box for him as we made our way to find out who Jonah's teacher would be.  (We have known for a couple of weeks but did not tell him.  We always let him be surprised on that day. 
 And, he was SUPER excited to find that his teacher was Mrs. Leonard.  We got to know her last year when she was one of the two Odyssey of Mind sponsors.  We loved her then and over the summer have spent some time with her and her kiddos.  Her youngest son is Micah's age and they will be in school together.  There were three teachers we hoped we would get and would have honestly been okay with any of them.  But, we do feel super fortunate to have her as his 3rd great teacher. 

 Jonah is in the same class again as many of his friends that he has been with since Kindergarten.  We have certainly been fortunate to ride the good teacher wave at his school.  This will be his first time to be in the same class as Rylan. 
 Since Micah spent some time after school in Mrs. Leonard's classroom last year, he felt right at home.  He knew where all the toys were.  So, he found what he needed to pass the time. 

 Jonah left with Laura but then I found out they were still on campus so he ran back over so he could see Mrs. Newman.  He loved her in 2nd grade and will miss her this year. 
 Micah began to clue in that Jonah was headed to Disney with "Megan and my teacher, Mrs. Laura" and got super sad that he was missing out.  I tried to take a picture of Jonah and Megan and he wanted to be in the picture too. 
 As we were leaving, we ran into Brock.  This is our first year without Brock and Jonah in the same class.  We are super sad to be separated from him but I think their classes do some things together.  And, since he is our neighbor, we will have to have a few play dates to make up for missing class time. 
 Dan did some tech stuff around the campus before we left so I was chatting with a few of the 3rd grade teachers.  We were in Mrs. Crayne's room and Micah made himself at home with one of his favorite books.  Mrs. Andrews said I need to save this picture for a comparison of him when he gets to 3rd grade and sits in those same chairs. 
 We got Micah home in time for a good nap then went out to his school for his K-3 Meet The Teacher. 

 He moved to a different classroom this year because he is in a blended 3 year/VPK class.  He has a new teacher and teacher assistant and a whole new classroom to explore.  I really can't say enough amazing things about his school.  It is a Montessori/Traditional approach.  They grow their own organic vegetables.  They learn a lot about personal responsiblity.  There are no traditional toys in the classrooms.  Everything is learning based and rotates based on whatever unit they are working on. 

 His teacher this year is Mrs. Minnie.  This was his first time to meet her because she is new to his school.  His little introverted self had a hard time at first but he did okay.  I'll tell you, raising an Introvert has been hard on this momma.  People assume because he is wilder than Jonah that there is no way he can be Introverted.  It has been a struggle to know when to push him and when to let him retreat.  Some days are easier than others where crowds/people are concerned.  We talked to Mrs. Minne about this and she has some suggestions for us.  Poor must be hard being that overwhelmed in groups of people. 

This time tomorrow night, (yeah, it is after midnight on Saturday!) all of the clothes and backpacks will be laid out on the couch.  The school signs will be ready and lunches will be made.  My boys will be sleeping in preparation for their first day of a new school year.  We've had a fabulous summer and even though I don't want it to end, it has to end.  So, we will celebrate BIG tomorrow night with one final Hoorah to say goodbye to summer and welcome the new school year!

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