Sunday, August 3, 2014

Easter, 2014- You know, because it is August!!!

When you have kids that are sleepers, holiday mornings aren't always so exciting.  First, you have to wake them up and then you have to convince them to be happy they are awake.  That is how it was on Easter morning of 2014. 

I snapped a couple of pictures before we left for church but Dan is always anxious to hit the road so I saved the rest for once we got there. 

We went into the sanctuary to see some friends.  Micah was happy to see "Missaweez" and then to see Miller in the foyer. 

We ran into Colton on our way to the nursery.  Isn't he a cutie? 

Jonah's piano teacher, Ms. Ginny looked like she belonged in our family photos that day.  We LOVE this lady so much!

When your husband creeps into other family photos, then you get this when you take a family photo!

Sweet little Nora!  How precious is she?

Jonah and Eli!  I never noticed before that Eli is almost as tall as Jonah.  Eli was just a baby boy when we got to Stetson.  Now he is entering 1st grade!

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