Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The end of summer break is approaching and I'm so sad!  Like, I seriously found myself searching home school curriculum.  But, truth be told, I'm not really into the whole "school" part of home school as much as I am the whole "home" part of home school.  I love the idea of lazy mornings, pajamas until noon and afternoon snuggles.  As soon as educating my children comes into play, I realize they are better off in an actual classroom with people are trained to do more than xray teeth, file insurance claims, do payroll and bookkeeping or plan a good party.  Because, that's pretty much where my training drops off.  So, in just 2.5 weeks, this blog will be filled with back to school pictures and I'll be whining about routine.  

We just returned from a morning at the skating rink with 21 friends from Jonah's school and another friend from VBS.  I got a text yesterday asking us to join a crew from school who were going skating then as we were going out the door today, I got a text from a VBS friend asking us to meet them there.  So, we just met up with everyone and had a great time.  And, by great time, I mean Micah clinging to me like I was about to drop him off to live with people he had never seen before.  My little introverted Micah throws me for a loop.  I don't understand the brain of an introvert so it is a bit confusing to me as to when to push and when to let him cling.  After skating for a while, I finally let him sit next to me on a bench and play Mr. Potato Head on my phone.  I knew he was overwhelmed when he said "If we go home, I'll take a nap!"  I think it was the combination of a skating rink with two daycare groups, all the other "big" kids, the loud music and the darkness.  He did make about 15-20 loops around with his "skate helper" that we rented for him.  So, that was a small success.  All 21 of us went for pizza afterwards and he completely opened up and sat with all the kids.  Baby steps...

Typing this blog post is a bit difficult because my hands are shaking so badly.  I've had a nice case of Bronchitis for over two weeks now.  The Dr. gave me a concoction of 4 drugs to knock it out but when 2 of them (Prednisone & Albuterol) are taken together, I shake so badly that I can hardly do anything.  Putting off blogging would probably be a good idea except both kids are resting and the house is quiet so this is all the time I have for a quick update.  

And, speaking of a quiet house, I'm going to clean a little before 4 little hands drag everything back out. 

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