Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day- 2014

 We had such a fun day today and Frank & Margie's house.  They invited a lot of people over to celebrate our great nation.  Here are two of the cuties that attended. 

 They rented a waterslide/bounce house and the kids had so much fun.  They played their little hearts out.  They definitely made a smart move there. 

 After I moved these pictures from my camera to my computer, I noticed one thing...Micah drank his weight in Capri Suns.  The kid barely ever gets anything besides water and milk.  So, when he had unlimited sugar, he took full advantage of it. 

Three years ago today, we took this picture of 4 year old Jonah, 7 month old Micah and 3 week old Colton.  We basically put them on that blanket and snapped away.  None of them really moved around.  They were kind of compliant.  That is exactly how they were today.  Except not at all!

 We finally had them sit up and then bribed them with Smarties (more sugar!!!) to get them to smile. 

It was quite the feat but we finally got something that would work for a comparison photo.  Whew...that was work!  :-)

 Hannah (our new Children's Minister) was there and organized and played lots of games with the kids.  They loved it!

 The next progression of 3 pictures makes me laugh all over again.  Micah was running as fast as he could but the water was sloshing out.  By the time he got to the bowl, it was gone.  He didn't handle that well. 

 These two guys had so much fun together today.  They are 7 months apart but will be in the same grade in school. 

 I didn't take pictures of the food but I did capture the desserts.  There were so many yummy things to eat.  It was a great day with lots of great people. 
Happy Birthday to you America!

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Cathi said...

God has truly blessed us with your's and Dan's friendship and it's so heartwarming to see Colton and Micah's friendship beginning to flourish. Jonah is the the constant wonderful big brother - he wears that badge exceptionally well. I'm so glad that the Ricks family is now also in the mix. Great friends on important days - that's what life's all about. Ummm...we'll need to purchase a FULL SIZE quilt for the next photog session with these 3! :)


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