Monday, July 14, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week Four

Day 22
Noah and his family came over to swim.  The kids swam for 6 hours STRAIGHT!!!  All the while, the moms laughed until we cried!

Day 23
Most of the day was spent at The Presidents Hall of Fame in Clermont.
We also had a super fun time playing in the street that night.  

Day 24
The Dollar movie to see The Lego Movie and then to Chickfila with the Hoovers, Leonards and Andrews. 
Day 25
Books, Board Games, Sword Fights and time at the library
Day 26- Independence Day
A great time at Frank & Margie's house!!
Day 27
The day we dubbed Lowry/Wagner Day of Fun!!!
Day 28
Dan came home from church sick so I spent the day playing board games with these two!!

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