Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer talk

Before summer vacation ever started, I made a commitment to be more and do more.  I wanted to be more engaged with my boys and to do more activities.  I've read several blog haters talk about moms who say they want to be more intentional with their kids or be more engaged with their kids.  They totally snark on that idea.  I applaud the idea.  I think it is fantastic for anyone to have ideas and plans of things they want to be better at.  I know some moms who are fantastic mothers but could find areas to engage more.  That is part of our culture.  We have a lot going on.  We are busy people.  Life is more than reading books and playing board games.  So, to make a plan to be more intentional with those things is a good idea, in my opinion.

My kids would be perfectly happy to stay home every single day of the summer and watch TV or play electronics.  Because that is an easy thing for them, the challenge for us is to get out and do something.  Trust me, it is easy to be in my comfy chair with a computer in my lap.  The hard thing is planning activities and getting out to do them.  I read a blog post yesterday that was sent to me about summer.  The writer was basically saying that kids need to learn to just "be" without having to be entertained.  They need to use their imagination.  They need to be bored.  And, while I get the premise of the article, it's just not where we are this summer.  My kids know how to be bored and to entertain themselves.  I want summer to be fun and exciting.  I want to create memories.  I want them to wake up each day excited about the adventures ahead.  I want them to go to bed totally exhausted and fall asleep before the light is off. 

Maybe that comes from the rat race of school.  School is hard on little ones.  I feel like Jonah walked in the door and immediately had to sit down to do homework/reading/spelling words.  There was little time to do anything exciting.  And, this is with a kid who made straight A's on all report cards this year.  He didn't struggle with the work.  There was just a good bit of it to do.  There wasn't much of a chance to go places at night.  He had to be in bed early to get his required sleep.  He woke up tired every morning even though he was sleeping  a ton. 

So, I don't apologize for our fun summer.  I've had a mean blog comment come through.  I had some comments about it Sunday.  I almost feel like I should keep what we do a secret now as to avoid the judgement.  But, truthfully, I do it for my boys.  It is about their experiences and their memories.  They will only be these ages one time.  I want to make the most of them.  So, I am. 


Marianne said...

I find it extremely sad that you have been made to feel the need to explain yourself! You are so right to be making good times and memories during these short summer months! Kids grow up too fast and one day before you know it, you won't have these golden days of summer with your boys, So make every day count and never apologize for doing good things with your beautiful family!

Cathi said...

I'm dumbfounded that people would actually make comments about the boys getting to have a wonderful time during the summer and that you're able to facilitate that. Wow, people can be so mean spirited. I think it's awesome that you DESIRE to be there with them enjoying their summer and that you make each and every day fun. Keep posting all of your fun times - the majority of us truly enjoy seeing your summer jaunts. Ignore the naysayers and continue your summer fun!! xoxo...

Emily said...

Sweet Nicki -- you are a fantastic mama! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mama and wife!


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