Monday, June 2, 2014

Jonah's Reflections Win- 2nd Grade

A couple of months ago, we received notification that Jonah had received a state level award for his entry in the National Reflections Program.  We were shocked.  He placed at the school level and then the county level and we expected it to go no further.  But, it did.  And, he won at the state level.  We were so excited for him.  He was equally excited as evidenced by his "Oh" when we told him.  Seriously, the kid shows no emotion on huge things like this but if you tell him he can spend two dollars at The Dollar Tree, he goes crazy!

A few weeks ago, we received an invitation The Volusia County School Board Meeting.  In our entire school district (66 Schools), only 10 kids  placed at the state level.  So, this was a huge honor for him.  We were happy to accompany him to the meeting to receive his award. 

Our friend Mike is the attorney for the Volusia County School District.  Jonah was happy to see him there.  We convinced him that Mike was the boss of the entire school district. 

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