Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jonah's Reading Counts Award- 2nd Grade Limo ride

One of the coveted awards at Jonah's school is the end of the year Limo ride to Cici's for lunch.  Kids work all year to attain this goal.  They took 26 kids this year from his school.  Jonah was pleased to discover that he made it again.  For a kid who doesn't excel at team sports, reading has been a good "thing" for him.  He has been able to set goals and achieve them.  While a lot of kids are in the street throwing a football back and forth or at baseball practice, he devours a book. 
With his teacher, Mrs. Newman

With his music teacher, Mr. Uppercue

Many of the classes come out to watch them leave.  While they are out there, they do chants and cheers for them.  It is super sweet to see.  I love to see kids celebrate each other.  This world is full of negativity and dog eat dog so times like this are so refreshing. 

Jonah ended up riding on the Party Bus rather than the limo.  He rode in the limo last year and said that the party bus looks plain on the outside but "is surprisingly exciting" inside. 

We followed them there and watched him enjoy his reward.  It is hard to believe how big he has gotten.  He is so independent.  (until he needed money for video games!)

With his principal, Mrs. Hogue

With his Media Specialist, Ms. Ross

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