Friday, June 6, 2014

Jonah's 2nd Grade Classroom Pride Awards

Jonah's teacher does a thing separate from the other 2nd grade classes called "Newman's Crew Classroom Pride Awards!"  Parents were invited to the classroom on Wednesday morning to see their children receive special awards.  Each child received a few awards that were specific to them. 

Before she began the individual awards, Mrs. Hart gave out the Sunshine Math awards for the kids who completed all of their Sunshine Math for the year.  Jonah happily received his award.  He loves Sunshine Math. 

As Mrs. Newman gave out each award, she told what the award was and then called the student forward to receive it.  They were all in suspense as to who won each award.  Once they received their award, they went to her boxes of props and dressed up to walk the red carpet.  They thought this was hilarious!  She encouraged them to do anything they wanted on the red carpet.  Some danced, some hopped, some strutted.  It was funny.  I didn't think Jonah would get into this but he did. 

She had a slideshow from the year playing in the background while awards happened.  I snapped this photo of DeAnna dancing down the red carpet and noticed our family in the slideshow.  That was the photo she took on Meet The Teacher day. 
Even ole Danno got an award.  He is the school's tech helper.  He has been a great asset to the teachers who need minor technology help.  He can do things immediately that some of them would have to wait weeks on IT to show up for.  But, along with the award came him having to dress up also.  (SO outside of his element!  I wonder where Jonah gets it from!!!)

One of the coveted year end awards for Newman's Crew is a trip to her house for all students who reach 475 points in Reading Counts.  200 is the goal for all 2nd graders so the 475 number is a big push.  This year, 3 boys landed that award.  She honored them together.  Then, that afternoon, they got to go to her house to walk her dogs, play games and make brownies.  Jonah LOVED it.  That was his goal for the year and he made it. 

Jonah won a couple of Reading awards then he received a very special award that was so very precious.  As she gave each award, she never told who the student was.  She just gave all of the characteristics of what won the award for them.  Then she told what the name of the award was and then told what Student received it.  

As she talked about the last award, I thought it might could be Jonah but it could have been a couple of the other kiddos in his class.  She talked about how this person excelled in every subject.  She talked about his this person never got competitive when others around them tried to surpass them.  She talked about how this person was always kind and helpful to other students.  She talked about the honesty of this person.  She talked about what a remarkable student this was.  Then, she said she was giving The Integrity Jonah Glenn!  It was so precious!  I was so proud of him.  That is a really big honor. 

Seeing this picture reminds me how needed my haircut appointment was after this awards day.  Man...I was in bad shape.  :-)

It was another good day for Jonah.  He is now officially done with 2nd grade.  I don't think I have any more posts from this week so I'll dedicate a whole post to Micah since Jonah has dominated the blog this week.

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Barb said...

Wow, looks like she is a really fun teacher! And way to go, Jonah, what an honor!


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