Sunday, June 8, 2014


Ahhhh...summer is here!  I've been waiting to say that since Spring Break.  I LOVE having my kids home all summer.  I have so many fun things planned.  So much so that I have had to narrow things down so we don't attack it all at once.   I've got everything on the calendar for this week so Dan knows where we are and what we are doing.  We were originally supposed to be on a mini-vacay at a resort down in Orlando until Wednesday.  But, a couple of things came up and we canceled last Thursday.  Thankfully, we had not told the boys about it.  We have learned not to tell them about most exciting things in case plans have to change. 

Last week's blog posts were all dedicated to Jonah.  It was a big week for him at the end of the school year.  I'm trying to get back to posting as things occur and not MONTHS later like I have been doing.  I still have things in my draft folder from last year (yes, as in 2013!!!) that haven't been finished.  I don't know if I will ever go back and complete those posts or just let them be.  But, beginning with the month of June, I'm current!  :-)

I'm not planning to take my camera with me on most of these outings but I will have my phone and you can keep us with us on Instagram using the Hashtag in the title.  At the end of the summer, I'll make a little photo book using all the pics of our adventures.  I can not wait to enjoy the next 70 days with my little guys! 

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