Monday, May 12, 2014

The latest iPhone pics

I got a new phone today.  My old phone had significant battery issues.  And, by significant I mean that I took it off the charger each morning and before I got out of bed, it is already down to 85%.  That would make sense if I spent a great deal of time on it when I first get up.  But, I only check my email and Timehop.  So, that is a problem.  And, it has been for a while.  So, you can imagine my excitement tonight when I looked at my phone and it was at 98% even after I've been on a phone call and texting.  All of that to say, I backed up my phone and uploaded these photos before going to At&t. 

I took this photo a few weeks ago in between services.  The Ricks family bought Jonah a mug from The Lego Store with his name on it.  That is HUGE!  It is his first ever item with his name.  He was thrilled.  And, they were just as happy to give it to him. 
Jonah was reading that afternoon and I looked up to find Micah right next to him.  He adores his big brother. 
We had a business meeting at church that night.  Micah said something that was not kind and we had to exit the meeting.  He was punished then we sat outside while the meeting ended so I wouldn't interrupt by walking back through.  As you can see, he was bored. 

The next morning, I-4 was shut down due to a really bad wreck.  I spent 3 hours in my car and never made it to the office.  One of my counters called and told me to stop for coffee and then turn around and go back home.  I sent her this photo to prove that I followed her instructions.  I also sent it to Jimmy because he called and was being a little snarky with me. 

One of the things I love about Publix is their Apron Meals.  I tasted this one in the store one day so I had to buy the ingredients to make it.  It was so yummy.  I gave half to our neighbors.  It was so good. 

Our new Worship Pastor is doing such a great job.  The boys and I stopped by choir/orchestra practice a few weeks ago just to listen.  Mike will be out of town this Sunday at a conference and Dan is leading worship.  Mike asked him to sing so we wanted to hear him practice.  He did so good.  I miss hearing him sing on a regular basis. 

Jonah's friends have all started to turn eight years old.  Which is odd because that means I'm about to have an 8 year old.  He attended a birthday party in the rain a few weeks ago.  He loved it. 

While he partied in the rain, Micah upped his cool factor with these awesome shades.  He kills me!  And, please note his shirt.  This is the shirt I sent him school in for Class Pictures.  GASP!  I was mortified when I picked him up and discovered it was picture day.  All the other kids were dressed so cute and there is Micah in a full blown character shirt!!!!  Who am I?

The wreck that I mentioned earlier took the life of a local DeLand lady with two small children.  Many people in our church knew her.  One of my friends was especially close to her and wanted to attend her funeral but didn't have anyone to watch her twins.  I was more than happy to snuggle babies for a little while.  Jonah joined me and LOVED every minute of it. 

Dan had all day meetings the next day so we wanted to do something fun with the kids that night so he could spend some time with them.  We went to Outback for steak.  (If you don't know, Jonah's most favorite meal in the world is steak!!)  Then we went to to BounceU for an evening of bounce house fun. 

Our afternoons have taken on a completely different look lately.  I get both boys from school (on the days Micah goes) and we rush home and get in the pool as quickly as possible.  On karate days, we only stay in until 4:25.  But, on days we have nothing, they stay in for hours.  I haven't been a huge fan of the pool until this year.  It seems to have been more trouble than fun.  But, this year has totally changed that.  Micah is finally old enough to be out there a lot.  I love it!

When Dan got home that night, we ate dinner outside while the boys drip dried then we came inside for some fun with trains. 

And, this next picture makes me laugh.  Micah was talking to my mom on the phone (the house phone) and he kept showing her everything he was doing.  This is a baby who was raised on Facetime. 

My friend Louise knows my love language.  WATERMELON!  She offered to keep Micah last Wednesday for me to attend my Gideon Bible Study.  When I got there to drop him off, she handed me this bowl of watermelon. 

One might think she really likes me, but check out the spread Micah go.  It was a TV tray of all his favorite foods.  CHeck out the amount of fruit on that tray!!!

Priscilla Shirer's Gideon study is one of the best I've ever done.  God has spoken some real truths to my heart through this study.  It is so good that I want to do it again.  And, for the girl who can hardly bear to watch any movie twice and will never read a book twice, that is HUGE!

I sent Dan this picture last week.  I sent it because I was talking to him when I left the house and got in the car and drove off.  WHILE ON MY HOUSE PHONE! 

We had dinner at a friend's house last Thursday.  The kids swam in her pool for a couple of hours before dinner.  They had a blast!  Then, after dinner, her other dinner guests caught a snake just to freak out Dan. 

On Friday, we went to the hospital to meet our new staff baby!  Titus was born last Thursday and is SO TINY!  I do love a newborn.  And, I'm pretty smitten with him.  Tracee grabbed my phone and snapped these photos. 

We spent that afternoon at Disney.  Some of my favorite days there are the afternoons we get Jonah from school and head over. 

We left the park around 10 p.m. and went to Chuy's for dinner.  Jonah read most of the time we were there.  That kid loves a book. 
We spent the night in a hotel then got up the next morning and did one of the Disney Water parks.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  And, it wore this guy out!!!

When we got home, these guys gave me a beautiful basket of flowers for the front door.  I love arrangements for the planter beside the door.  This one is so bright and colorful. 

And, for as long as I can remember, I've wanted one of the Happy Everything plates.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I opened a package from my dear friend and there was the plate with my first attachment.  Dan can officially know what to get me for future gift-giving occasions now that there are so many of the attachments I want. 

We snapped a few pictures before church Sunday morning.  I sure love these little guys! 

It's been a good few weeks.  In just a few days, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary.  Go ahead and prepare yourself for a gushy post.  :-)

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