Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Cruise- Part 2

When we woke up Monday morning, we were docked in Freeport.  We had not scheduled any excursions in advance of this trip because we really were doing the trip very inexpensive.  We didn't want to add several hundred dollars in excursions that would increase the cost significantly.  So, when we got off the boat, we walked around for a while and checked out a few options of things we could do there.  
We ended up taking a taxi to a local beach.  The cruise line does not recommend you do this.  I know know why.  I won't go into great detail but it wasn't the best experience.  

We didn't stay at the beach long before we decided to head back to the boat.  That night was the dressy night on the boat and we didn't want exhausted little boys at the table.  Micah was so tired he could barely hold his eyes open.  I went to snap this photo and Jonah jumped in front and yelled "photo bomb!"  He was so proud of himself for getting in the picture.  It makes me laugh even now.  

I took Micah back to the room for a much needed nap while Dan and Jonah explored the boat.  When Micah woke up, we found them on the top deck playing putt-putt golf.  (Or, Pop-Pop golf, as Micah calls it!)  He joined them for a few holes while I read for a bit in the loungers next to them.  

After playing for a while, we went back to the room to get everyone dressed up for the evening.  Neither of my little guys were too excited about taking off fun clothes and putting on "ties and stuff!" But, they did it and looked so cute!  Jonah took the time to read while the rest of us continued to get ready.  

If you have ever done a cruise, then you know there are SO many opportunities to have professional photos taken.  We spent the time before our 8 p.m. dinner reservation to take some.  

They are constantly posting pictures taken so we stopped to look at some while we walked around.  This is one of the ones the boys took on the first night of the cruise.  I didn't buy this one but Cathy and Jimmy did.  I think it is in Jimmy's office now.  

This was us at dinner on the first night.  It's a bad picture of a picture.  
Cathy also bought this one from we boarded the ship.  I laugh because Dan is still dressed from church and does not look the least bit casual.  
We found a table and did a little people watching after we fully explored everything around us.  The boys did a little dancing a posing for us.  

Here is Jonah mid-dance!

We finally made it to dinner and were all excited to eat!  We were starving from a busy day.  Jonah was so excited because he was going to get steak!  (His favorite!!!)

Micah, once again, ate his weight in fruit!  That kid LOVES fruit of any kind and can put some away.  

While the rest of us ate steak and lobster, he had more fruit and PB&J.  

The asked all of the couples to stand up and dance.  Micah was not a fan of us dancing and leaving him out.  

One of the photographers was doing a piano theme.  Jonah asked if he could play his piano.  And, he did.  And, the people clapped for him.  I was proud of him.  He is normally very shy is these types of settings.  

And, somehow, over the course of the evening, we convinced Dan to do Karaoke.  

As you can see, Micah loved that idea.  Poor baby was so tired.  And, it was loud!

They were once again impressed with the towel animal when we got back to the room that night.  
They wanted to sleep together but there was no way we were putting them in a twin size bed up off the ground.  There would have been a definite injury there!
We were all super tired and ready for bed because we still had more days of fun ahead of us!

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