Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

On May 15, 1999, we said "I Do" and began our lives as Mr. & Mrs. Dan Glenn. 

8 places to live...
The Parsonage at Harmony Baptist Church
Our first Seminary tri-plex on Sandige Avenue in Fort Worth
Our second Seminary tri-plex on Merida Avenue in Fort Worth
Our first home to purchase on Ironwood Way in Burlington, Kentucky
The church owned apartment in Vidalia, LA
Our second home to purchase and our first remodel on N. Oak Street in Vidalia
The Parsonage at FBC, Vidalia
Our current home in DeLand, FL

5 churches...
Harmony Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, MS
FBC in Glen Rose, Texas
Erlanger Baptist Church in Erlanger, KY
FBC in Vidalia, LA
Stetson Baptist in DeLand, FL

2 little boys...

Jonah Daniel Glenn
Micah Andrew Glenn

Countless memories!

We are way less tanned.  We've lost hair and added weight.  We've had extreme heartache, sadness and loss but we've also experienced immeasurable joy and laughed until we cried more times than we can count. We've logged thousands of miles as we moved across the Southeast.  We've remodeled homes.  We've joined hands and hearts with so many co-laborers in Christ.  We've had lots and we've had little.  But, most of all, we've had each other.  And, for that, I'll be forever grateful to our God.

"The Lord has done GREAT things for us and we are filled with JOY!"  Psalm 126:3" 

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Penny said...

Happy belated anniversary! Y'all are very blessed~ and a blessing to many. :)


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