Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A couple of Disney days with friends and family

One of our most favorite perks of living in Central Florida are the visitors. There are lots of people who visit here and we get the fringe benefit of seeing them while they are vacationing.  Sometimes, when we are really lucky, several families visit at the same time and we get to see a few people on a trip down to Disney. 

On this particular day, Micah and I went early that morning while Dan and Jonah stayed at work and school for a bit.  They met us later in the day.  The first group of people we were meeting were having lunch at a table service reservation place so we saw them for a second then stopped for lunch ourselves.  Since it was just Micah, we did a little character meal ourselves. 

And, on this day it was a waste.  A TOTAL WASTE!  Micah acted like he hated characters.  He was so ugly to them.  I don't know if he was exhausted or what!?!?

We finally finished the character meal and met up with our Vidalia friends...The Randalls.  Jonah has called them PaPaw and NeNe since he could talk.  He heard their granddaughter call them that so he assumed he could too.  And, he did.  Kassi, their youngest daughter was his babysitter one summer.  He spent a ton of time at their house over his 3 years in Vidalia. 

We spent a good part of that day with them.  We saw characters, rode rides and watched shows.  It was so much fun to be with good friends again. 

After spending most of the day with them, we headed over to Epcot to meet up with the Johnson family from Liberty, MS.  They were Dan's adopted family at his first church out of college. 

All of those pictures are on my phone so you will see them in an iphone post.  Dan had church stuff the next day but the kids and I stayed so we could do more Disney with family and friends.  We had another fun hotel night and woke up ready for the next day. 

We wanted to spend some time with Dan's family but they wanted some adult Disney time.  So, when we met up with them on day 2, my kids were super happy to be with them.  They love being with family.  And, because we do Disney so much, they are fine with going with the flow.  We had a great time with them.  On this day, Micah wasn't tall enough for Big Thunder Mountain so he had to watch with me while they all rode. 

Dan's grandmother had a fall the day before Disney so they rented a wheelchair for her.  My kids especially enjoyed being in it when she wasn't 

After fireworks, we went on our way to do some other things.  Then, the Randall's called us and wanted to meet up again.  So, we joined them for a while longer.  It was a very sad goodbye for Jonah. 
It did not take long for Micah to fall asleep once he hit the car seat.  He was so tired.  And, soon after that, Jonah was out.  Two days at Disney with a short night of sleep in a hotel can wear a guy out!

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Aja said...

This looks like good prep for the big Mike Wozawski birthday party Micah is having soon.


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