Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 Egg Hunt

 A few weeks ago, Jonah grabbed his latest Goosebumps book and we headed out to an egg hunt at the Stetson University Baseball field.  The boys were both excited about looking for eggs.  It was a beautiful day.  The weather was perfect.  And, for some reason, not many kids showed up for this advertised egg hunt. 

 Micah, in true Micah form, spent more time wearing his basket on his head than holding it in his hands. 

 They hid eggs all around the stadium.  They opened the stadium over an hour before the game so the kids could find the eggs.  Jonah found most of his up in the stands with Dan.  I had my camera with me so when Dan took him, we missed getting photos of all the eggs up there. 

 Micah basically had this section to himself.  All the college students were trying to help him but they only scared him.  For him to be a crazy as he is, he is such an introvert.  The moment someone talks to him that he doesn't know, he hides behind one of us. 

 And, a scary bunny didn't help the matter.  He wasn't getting near her.  She kept trying to help him and he would say "I not like to see that bunny at all!"

 I called Dan to bring Jonah back down there.  There were still eggs to be found and no other kids down there. 

 The kids all got to trade in their eggs for prizes.  They got a prize for each egg they traded in.  There were five golden eggs and we hoped we would not find one of those.  They were all baseball related things like getting to throw out the first pitch of a game or sitting in the dugout with the team.  I can think of NOTHING Jonah would hate more than sitting in the dugout of a baseball game.  Or, being asked to throw the first pitch.  His level of shyness would cause him to be sick before we ever made it there.  So, I was SUPER happy that some baseball loving and super outgoing boys found those eggs. 

It was a fun event.  And, we will definitely go back next year.  The kids had a great time and the environment was perfect. 

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