Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Toys

Our neighbors have twin granddaughters who live in Texas but are coming next week to visit.  She cleaned out their playroom and bought new toys before their visit.  She called and asked me if I would like to look through the toys for the boys.  She had lots of girl toys and some gender neutral toys also.  Micah and I walked over to see everything.  He could not concentrate on anything she had because of princess table and tea party set.  YES!  A PRINCESS TABLE AND TEA PARTY SET!  (We got so many other fun toys and books too but he has barely noticed them!)

That was on Thursday night.  It is now Saturday morning.  We have had countless tea parties.  There have been tea parties with mommy, tea parties with daddy, tea parties with each other, tea parties alone.  Yesterday when Micah woke up, Dan walked in his room and with sleepy eyes and a raspy voice, he said "you wanna have a tea party with me?"

At this very moment, both boys are at the princess table enjoying a tea party...complete with a cash register to cash them out.  And, if you were interested in coming to our party and buy a cupcake, cookie or cup of tea, everything costs "ten!"  I don't know if that is ten dollars or cents but it is most always ten!  

Oh, I should probably add that we are also watching Frozen for the 12th time this week!  It is as if I have little girls living with me!

And, before I get a comment, no it doesn't bother me that my boys are playing with girl toys.  Yes, they like boy toys but these are new and something they have never had before.  So, they are interesting to them.  I bought a little bin at target yesterday to keep all of it because we certainly have friends with little girls so it will be nice to finally have some pink and purple around here.  And, just in case you are worried that they might not be all boy, take a look at the nastiness from yesterday afternoon.  

We spent 7+ hours in the yard yesterday.  Not one person in my family enjoys yard work.  All of you people who say it is therapeutic and how you love to get your hands dirty just make me scratch my head.  Dan finished the work in the total dark while I bathed two nasty little boys.  (Who then asked if they could have a tea party before bed!) 


Rob H said...


I had the late 1970's version of THAT EXACT CASH REGISTER. It was one of my favorite toys. That is AWESOME. Must get one.

Penny said...

Lol. I just had a fb conversation with my daughter last night about the subject go boys playing with traditionally "boy toys." Her f-i-l kept hiding her baby's toy kitchen saying he didn't want Wyatt playing with "girl toys." I reminded her that after six daughters, we bought our youngest girl whatever she wanted~ she enjoyed Christmases full of Legos, Lincoln logs, hot wheels, racetracks, and dolls, Barbies, and easy bake ovens... I don't have a problem with it, either. Well, I would have discouraged my son (if I had been blessed with one) from dresses and tutus, but bring on the dolls, kitchens, and tea sets. How else are they going to practice table manners and being good husbands and daddies? :)


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