Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Live...from Starbucks

I mixed up my routine a bit today.  I had to run some errands so I decided to grab my computer, Bible, journal, Whispers of Hope and some work.  I opted for some time at Starbucks rather than my comfy living room chair.  And, rather than Pandora streaming the "Hillsong Radio" or "David Crowder Band" station, I'm hearing a loud rendtion of "No One is Watching You Now" by 'Til Tuesday.  (I totally had to Shazam that because I'm so not current on mainstream music!!)  And, actually, I find it odd that the song I'm listening to is about no one watching you when I can't concentrate on the work I came to do because I'm actually watching everyone!  I'm already thinking trying to work here isn't the wisest idea for A.D.D. girl.  

When I started this blog, it was for the sole purpose of updating grandparents.  I never imagined there would be many readers beyond them and my friend Amanda.  I updated with so many details.  There were very few days in the first few years of Jonah's life that didn't have an update of some sort.  Then, Micah came along and things got a little busier for us.  I still updated pretty regularly but not quite every day.  My blog has actually slacked off a good bit.  It isn't for lack of stories or information.  It is for a desire to not over share!  I want the happy memories and the good memories to be here for them should they ever want to look back.  But, I don't want them the ever cringe when the read things their mom put out there about them.  Thus the reason there were many posts about Jonah potty training and zero about Micah.  (I learned a lot between child 1 and 2)  Yes, he is fully potty trained.  No, he hasn't had an accident in a really long time.  But, there isn't one photo to document it.  

I had a conversation with a friend last week about the "woe is me" attitude on Facebook and Twitter sometimes.  She said "you know, everyone has struggles, difficult times, battles that shake them to the very core but in their wisdom, they choose to share that with those closest to them, not all of social media!"  When someone gives too much information, it creates a wall.  Or, in my case, it creates an "unfollow" on Facebook.  I like the pictures.  I like the family updates.  I like the restaurant recommendations.  I don't like constant negativity. Life is hard for everyone.  Some people just choose to not put it out there. 

I try to focus on the positive in our life and the good in my boys, not the struggles.  Do we have struggles?  You betcha!  Do they shake us?  Yep!  At the very moment that I write this, my heart is broken for a situation with one of my boys.  I shared about it in my Sunday School class Sunday.  I've talked to some friends about it when I've been face to face with them.  I called my friend in Vidalia about out Saturday night.  But, not one word of it is on Facebook, Twitter or the blog.  He deserves that.  He deserves to know that his mom doesn't put everyone of his bad days and struggles out there for the world to see.  Because, one day, he is going to grow up and read this blog and read my old Facebook posts and I want him to realize that when he was 3 years old, he brought so much joy into my heart and world.  I want him to know that his smile was contagious.  I want him to remember fun days at the park and bow ties and ice cream dates after church on Wednesday when he should have already been in bed.  

One of the benefits of Social Media is the ability to update many people at once.  I'm currently glued to Facebook for medical updates on a few kids that I know or know of.  I don't see that as negative.  I see that as the easiest way to get information out.  Because, let me tell you, if either of my boys or my sweet husband needed immediate prayers, you better believe I'd have updates flying every 12 minutes. 

(A man just sat down in the chair next to me and complimented me on my Bible.  He sees it sitting next to me.  It is actually very pretty.  It is turquoise and brown.   He said "Good words in there!")

Anyway, all of that to say, I think there is a fine line in social media.  Share too much and you are an over sharer.  Share too little and you live a fake life and want to make people think you are perfect and have no problems.  So, I put this disclaimer out about my life.  We aren't perfect.  We have problems.  We have worries.  We have struggles.  There are things concerning both of our children that drive us to our knees but you never know.  Jonah can't do some of the things that other kids his age do well but he does somethings even better than other kids his own age.  He is a fun kid who loves experiencing life.  Micah potty trained later than some of his friends and doesn't talk as clear as most of his friends.  And, he is still a terrible eater.  But, he is so incredibly sweet and thankful.  He loves big.  He can count really high and spell a lot of words.  And, beyond that, they both have things that I would NEVER mention on social media.  Because they are THEIR things.  And, some day, they will have a story to tell and I'll be happy to hear them choose what part of it they will tell.  

(Now the man is telling me about his Bible.  He has also noticed my Beth Moore book.  I think my time of solitude is ending.  He's a chatter!)

(He got a spinach and feta wrap.  Who knew they had those here?)

(His back hurts, FYI.)

Footloose just came on the radio here.  I think that is my cue to pull out my Beth Moore book and do a little work.  Because, nothing says Hope (my topic today) quite like Footloose.  

(The man next to me likes this one.  His foot is tapping.  If he breaks out dancing, I'm outta here!)


Anonymous said...


Aja said...

Wow. There was a lot here. Sad I am not in your SS class anymore to hear your prayer requests. Happy to hear wisdom regarding social media. I think our modern world makes us feel isolated at times and that is why people over share on those mediums (one reason at least). And no matter what, remember my boys whenever you think about late potty trainers!

Amber said...

Honestly, more people would "pity you" if that is what you are looking for, if you posted less often. But, when you post about your "epic" bad days every day, no one cares anymore.

Barb said...

Good post! I agree, there is such a thing as oversharing, and woe-is-me, and begging for attention. I rarely put major personal things on facebook - most of mine is about my dog! But do know that I would be privileged to pray for you and your family if the need arises. Your Christmas card is on my fridge, so I pray for you guys frequently when I see it.

And FYI, you made me laugh with your commentary about the man next to you. :)

Nicki Glenn said...

In a conversation about this with another person today, we discussed the merits of being able to pray for others due to social media. Prayer requests and life crisis are not at all what I'm referring too. It is more the everyday "my life is worse than yours" posts.

Because of what Dan does, we are front row to a lot of people who are really hurting/struggling due to situations in their lives or the lives of their kids/families. You can tell a lot about those people based on HOW they share. Not what they share.

I think Social media brings us closer together sometimes and gives a view into each other's lives especially when there is a need. I like that.


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