Sunday, April 27, 2014

2013 Thanksgiving Trip- The rest of the story

Well, well, well...
Look what I just found in my draft folder!  This post is over 5 months old.  I'm not sure why I never posted it.  So, here it is. 

We were so happy to spend some time with Dan's family in North Carolina. They all drove in from Memphis for Thanksgiving. It is crazy to think that we consider a 9 hour drive close. But, Memphis is a LONG way from us so we never are able to make those family gatherings. So, it was a huge deal for us to be there with them.   Like I mentioned in the last post, we got there a little before lunch time.  We brought books and toys to entertain the little boys.  Dan and Micah spent some time reading Micah's favorite book...The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Jonah played SUSPEND with some of the grown-ups.  If you don't know about this little game, you need to check it out.  Sue sent it to Jonah for his birthday.  It is a lot of fun.  (especially for the adults!)

Dan's cousin, Jared and his wife Kaitlyn, are fostering a precious little baby girl named India.  Since she is in the Foster Care system, they can't show her face online.  This bouncy seat bar blocked it perfectly.  Oh, if you could only see her.  She is beautiful!  Jonah loved her.  And, she loved Jonah.  He made her giggle out loud LOTS!!!  To quote him, he was "quite the fan of India!"
We got home late that night and put little boys to bed.  It didn't take long for us to join them there.  But, when we woke up the next morning, our elf Phibby had arrived.  And, he brought the Bible Verse back with him that Jonah gave him last year to take to Santa.  We could not believe that he remembered that.  It's as if he was stored in a ziplock bag with it or something!  Crazy!
The kids played with their Imaginext toys while we made plans for the day.  We definitely wanted to go on a mountain hike but we also wanted to see our family again. We decided to forgo the hike to spend time with them again.  This was our last chance on this trip. 

We drove over to where they were staying in Murphy, NC.  Their cabin was near a dam so we stopped there first to walk around for a bit. 

We got to their place as they were finishing lunch.  We all then loaded up in our cars and drove over the mountain.  We didn't have an agenda.  We just drove until we saw fun places to stop. 

We all ended up back at the same dam.  The boys loved exploring with their family.  (and, running rolling down the hill!)

We went back to their place for a little while then hit the road for the journey back home.  It was SO fun to be with them and spend time together with family.  We so miss having that opportunity!!

We got one last picture of the boys with their great grandmother, Granny Bee before heading out.  (We have now seen her three times in five months where we usually only see her every couple of years!)
We drove as far as we could that night then had to stop just a few hours from home for some sleep!  We were dead tired.  The younger version of us would have pushed through.  But, the responsible parental side of us stopped for safety reasons.  The kids were more than fine with that because they love hotels. 
Jonah was kind enough to give Micah his breathing treatment while we got everything settled.  Yep, he is a good big brother. 
As you can see, they slept very well that night.  We had to wake them both up the next morning so we could finish our journey home. 

It was a really fun trip for all of us.  We love these little family journeys.  Our kids have gained so much from our travels together.  It is sometimes stressful taking trips with little guys but the experiences they gain so far outweigh the stress.  They are still talking about North Carolina months later!

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