Monday, March 17, 2014


This is my view!

Yes, that is my husband ironing!  He has ironed all of the kid's clothes for our vacation and now he is ironing mine.  I'm doing an equally helpful thing by reading stories online of all the bad things that can happen to you in other countries.  He is basically ignoring me now.  I'm good at creating scenarios to worry about while there are plenty of ACTUAL things to worry about.  

I've never felt less prepared for a vacation.  I actually had to pay $50 today to update our reservations with Dan's given name since DAN doesn't match his passport.  Ugh...we'll never forgive either of our parents for not naming us what we would be called.  This is the reason BOTH boys are named what we planned to call them.  It creates SO much confusion to go through life using a nickname that comes from your middle name.  

We have both been having the most random dreams lately.  I dreamed Sunday night that Dan and I got a divorce but then took a pilgrimage following the same places an ex-boyfriend of mine took his now wife in order to propose to her.  That brought us back together but I woke up right as we were telling the church why Dan took 4 months off but never called to say where he was.  I don't know how that went but I'm pretty sure I could figure it out.  Then, last night, Dan dreamed that Max died.  It's been a tough week (in our dreams) for the Glenn Family. And, speaking of our divorce, we weren't mad at each other.  It was all so very odd.  We were the happiest divorcees that I've ever seen.  I guess we would need that to help us get through our dog's death. 

As one of my counters was leaving the office this morning, he said "Have a great vacation.  You work a lot.  You deserve it!"  Keep in mind...I work 3-4 hours per week.  PER WEEK, people!!!    Apparently I must kill it while he is around if he thinks I deserve a vacation.  Now I feel guilty for going on vacation at all.  I worked 4.5 hours today just to make myself feel better. 

Speaking of this vacation, we have kept it a total secret from our kids.  Except when Jonah overheard me talk to Dan about it last Thursday.  Then, he jumped up and said "Did you say what I think you just said?"  I was so frustrated with myself.  Then, Dan was frustrated with me.  But, then I was proud that I had not told him who was going with us.  (We have friends from Vidalia flying in to join us!)  Ever since I spilled the beans, I have kept saying "But, he doesn't know they are coming!"  Except, at dinner last night when I actually said their names and he figured that out too.  Dan said I was a terrible secret keeper.  I keep telling him that I am not a a bad secret keeper, I'm a bad surprise keeper!  And, honestly, I really I am.  I hate surprises so in my mind, everyone does and I always tend to spill the beans as to help them.  It's terrible.  But, at least I'm a good secret keeper!  Just don't count on me to get anyone to a surprise party!

As we were driving down the road today, Micah said "Mommy, I have a question for you?"  I asked him what the question was.  He said "What does the fox say?  ding. ding. ding."  Yeah.  That.  God love that hilarious little boy.  I would have laughed a lot but I was too busy trying to remember the boiling point of water and Celsius and Fahrenheit.  That's what Jonah wanted to know.

If only that were part of a dream I could wake up from...

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Aja said...

Ummm, I still don't know where you're going! So take heart in the fact that you can keep a surprise from me!!!


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