Saturday, February 22, 2014

(small) house changes

We are beginning the process of slowly updating/renovating/changing some things in our house. We changed all of the appliances within a year or so of being here.  They were all off white and we moved to Stainless and Stainless/Black throughout the kitchen.  Granite is our next BIG change but we are still a few months away from that.  But, we went ahead and bought a granite sink that we can use withe the new counter tops.  It stands out a little right now because because it is such a drastic change from the off white.  

Here are the before shots that Dan took this morning before they got started. 

Please notice how yucky it was.  Most of that are stains that can not be removed.  Trust me, we tried everything when we moved here.  Nothing worked.  So, we have lived with them.  But, they were always so gross to me. 

And, here is the finished product!  It looks so much better than what we had.  And, it brings together the appliances.  Up next...countertops.  (Then new rug and curtains in the living room!!!)

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Aja said...

Ooh I like it! Are you going to get to go and pick a slab at a granite yard? I would have LOVED to do that. We lucked out getting nice granite with no weird marks (except what's hidden by our microwave), but I was so nervous to see it bc we couldn't pick our slab. Can't wait to see it all complete!


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