Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day 2014

As we were driving home from Orlando last night, I told Dan that I wished he had taken the day off of work tomorrow since the kids were out of school.  He said "I certainly can still do that!"  He checked his calendar and had to move only one appointment but he was able to that.  So, he will work a full day on Friday but he got to be with us today!  YAY!  And, since he was taking the day off, we wanted to do something fun.  The weather was PERFECT!  So, we looked up various hikes in our surrounding area.  We settled on Hontoon Island

The fun thing about going to Hontoon Island is that you get to ride the Ferry across.  Boat rides are always fun!

We were so excited about the 3 mile hike but about ten minutes into our hike, (after we got off the wooden path) we encountered mud, then water...LOTS OF WATER!  We had to turn back.  There was no way we could maneuver around all of that water and keep dry feet.  We managed to get ourselves and the kids over the first few sets of standing water but realized it would be too difficult. 

Jonah was SO sad.  He loves hiking!  That is probably one of his most favorite outdoor activities.  Micah, on the other hand, is not a fan.  Which, is so odd to both of us.  If you know them well, and you understand their personalities and levels of physical activity, you, like us, would assume Micah would forge ahead and we would have to drag Jonah.  But, Jonah loves it and Micah hates it.  Jonah actually loves all things outdoor adventure like hiking, kayaking, etc.  He so badly wanted to canoe today. 

When the paths were all under water, we talked to the ranger and he told us about a road we could walk.  So, we did.  It wasn't nearly as exciting as the trails. 

But, that road did lead us to the playground.  And, that made both boys very happy!

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That looks like fun.


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