Thursday, February 20, 2014

A quick check in

There hasn't been much time to blog lately.  We've been really busy.  We have not had dinner at home since last Monday.  Not, Monday of the current week...the one before that!!!  Sometimes I look at how crazy our life is and wonder how we exist but honestly, it is just what we are used to.  No day looks the same for us.  But, we adjust and roll with it.  It just sometimes means that I'm really behind on the blog and don't get to cook a meal.  

On Monday of this week, our new Worship Pastor and his family rolled into town.  Except, their moving truck didn't have the same idea.  They waited until Wednesday to get here.  So, that gave them some time to paint.  Lots of people from the church showed up to help them.  Fortunately, they took some time that morning to put their trampoline together.  My two had a large time with them. 

I tried using a pacifier with both of my babies but neither took to it.  So, I didn't push it.  I didn't want to have a habit to break and I certainly didn't want to get up in the middle of the night to find lost pacifiers.  So, I was fine with that.  Except, occasionally Micah will find an old one of his and take to it.  This was him earlier today.  Bedhead and all...

I wasn't feeling well at church last night so I sat near the back.  It ended up being one of the greatest Wednesday nights we have had.  It was good!  Part of me wishes it was next week when Dan's whole family will be here.  4 of the 5 coming have never heard him preach.  I'm glad they will be here on a Wednesday night to see him do what God has called him to do. 

See that package?  It took about 3.5 hours of my time yesterday.  I put all of the Sesame Street bday party decorations on Ebay a few weeks ago.  A lady contacted me to see if I would lower the price and ship that day because her husband was being deployed to Afghanistan and they made the decision yesterday to her move her child's party up by 2 months so he could be there.  I agreed to lower the price and ship priority.  What I didn't take in to consideration was the size of the package.  (You can't really tell it from the picture!)  I ran to the UPS store to have it boxed.  That was going to be $21 plus $45 for shipping.  

So then I went to Office Max and bought brown shipping paper, tape and a marker.  That was less than $10.  I took it to the Post Office and shipped it Priority.  After lowering my price, paying to package and ship it, I profited $8.  $8 DOLLARS PEOPLE!  It was my worst Ebay sale ever.  And, honestly, I would have chunked the whole idea but I was trying to help a soldier's family celebrate a birthday.  I felt good about the whole good deed until I told Dan about it last night and he said those people probably just fed me a line to get me to lower my price and they probably aren't even military!  He said I should ask for a picture of their family with him in his military attire.  HA!  I choose to believe that I helped some little girl celebrate her birthday before her daddy leaves rather than fretting over how much time and money I spent yesterday.  (But, Dan is probably right!)

The worst news of my week has been that I cracked a tooth and have to get a stinkin' crown.  For someone who spent most of her life in a Dental Office and got free dentistry because of it,  I'm so bummed.  Goodbye, hard earned thousand dollars.  Hello search for part-time job in Dental office. 

You might have noticed in an earlier picture that Micah's face has a little bit of road rash on it.  That kiddo took a head first tumble at Mike and Angie's Monday night.  He had his first (by injury) bloody nose.  It scared him and me.  But, he's okay and a little tougher for it.  :-)

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