Monday, February 10, 2014

A new ride

9 years ago, we bought a blue Honda Accord for Dan.  It had 25,000 miles and served him well.  About three years ago, the radio died.  He has lived without that all this time.  We put some money into it to keep it going but with each new season, more things went wrong.  We spent almost $600 on it in January.  Then, a few weeks later, his headliner fell.  Then, the final blow came when the air went out.  We were about to be out another $1,000 or so. 

So, we did lots of research.  We visited lots of places.  We drove lots of cars.  We talked to a lot of people.  We scoured the Internet.  And, when all was said and done, we told ole' Blue goodbye last Saturday. 

And, we welcomed a new car into our family.  And, we got a little depressed when we realized that if Dan drives this car 9 years also, he won't be trading it in to a dealership.  Instead, he will be handing the keys to Jonah...his 16 year old son!!!!  Geez!

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Aja said...

Ooh I like! What is it? I seriously dread the day Dave cars goes. No air, 209,000 miles but she's still kicking! Trying to get my car paid off before we get another (much less expensive!) one.


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