Saturday, January 11, 2014

iphone photos

I don't know if you enjoy the iPhone posts but they are always a sweet walk down memory lane for me.  I take photos off of my phone each month in order to free up space.  So, I haven't seen these since I took them off back in October or November. 

One Friday night, Dan and Jonah went to one of the prayer meetings for our Revival so Micah and I headed out to visit a nursing home.  He really liked the fountain out front.  After visiting, we went to McDonalds for dinner. 

One Sunday morning on the way into church.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures.  This was on the way to Revival services one night. 
Jonah spent some time shopping for Micah's birthday gift.  He settled on a board game rather than a Thomas toy. 
Our local Burger King has an interactive floor that my kiddos love. 

One night during Revival services. 
Nothing like a few germs from the water fountain. 

Another night of Revival Services. 

Micah's family birthday celebration.
His surprise birthday gift.

On that same night, Jonah lost both of his two front teeth!

The next day, I took Micah to Chickfila for his birthday lunch.  He tripped over the rug and hit the corner of the door.  That sweet boy busted his lip. 

His birthday gift from Beppa arrived right on his big day.  He was thrilled!
He loved this guitar from my mom. 

My little BOY loves The Little Mermaid.  L-O-V-E-S her!!

I had the great opportunity to go to the Beth Moore conference in Daytona.  We stayed at the Hilton on the beach.  It was a nice get away with a few of my friends. 

We spent the evening of Micah's birthday at the Volusia County Fair.  The boys had a blast!

The lines at the fair were crazy long for food.  So, we left and had dinner at their favorite pizza place in a nearby town. 

And, what is a birthday celebration without  a little blue ice cream? 

Micah loves to come to our bed and watch Mickey Mouse while we get ready in the morning. 
Jonah with one of his best friends, Logan.  This was on the way to see a live show of The Magic Treehouse. 
After the show, we all went to Cracker Barrell.  Jonah took this picture of us. 
Logan has two little brother so he is so good and patient with Micah.  Micah just loves him. 

While they were all at the show, I took Micah for a cupcake at GiGi's.  It was still his birthday weekend so we just kept on celebrating. 

Dan did a wedding on Veterans Day.  We all went with him.  It sealed the deal that weddings might not be the best place for a certain 3 year old.  He kept saying "Hey Daddy!"  "There's my daddy!"  "What my daddy doing with those people?"

Elmo straight up passed out in the middle of the ceremony!

I took Micah to Animal Kingdom one day.  We stayed less than two hours.  I forget what happened but I remember him crying all the way to the car.  He was in trouble for something.  It was sad to leave after a short time but he had to learn a lesson.  And, he did.  He will say "I have to obey Mommy at Disney World so we don't have to go home!"  If only I remembered what he did!

My kids are both really big fans of Imaginext toys.  Micah got the Rescue Center for his birthday. 
Reading at their well visits. 
Another favorite photo!
This is not a favorite photo!  But, I remember this was the day of the Animal Kingdom early exit.  It is out of order but this was definitely that day!
Dan's Christmas sweater.  Except, not really!
Micah's birthday shirt.  LOVE!
Micah and Eli's birthday cakes made my Ginny Beth Joiner.  They were incredibly yummy!

We got to spend the day with Colton and Margie.  We had a lot of fun with them.  This will happen more in the near future.  They had a blast together. 

We picked Miller up one day to spend the day with us.  We started with donuts. 

I was out shopping for our family photos and spotted this for Dan.  I sent him a text to say I got it for him.  Doesn't it just scream Dan?
This was the day he told me he wasn't tired.  I especially like that you can see vacuum marks on the floor.  That gives the impression that I always vacuum.  Ahem...
On the way to family photos with Ann Axon. 

This is us doing "The Micah!"  Every time you tell him to smile, he cocks his head back and does a fake smile. 

Our beautiful Thanksgiving spot!

Sometimes you just fall asleep holding your foot!

Jonah helping Micah get his mittens on before going outside.

On a family hike in North Carolina. 

I took a screenshot of this Tweet after a big game in the fall.  Why does everyone call you a bandwagon fan when you cheer for a time that did well?  Once your team is out of contention for the big dance, it is okay to be excited for another team and to cheer for them.  Right?

One of our favorite activities this fall was The Advent Tree from Blessings Unlimited.  (now Mary and Martha!)  This is the best Advent activity I've seen.  I'm excited about doing it again next year. 

My mom sent me box of old photos.  I snapped a photo with my phone of this one.  This is me and my best friend from elementary school, Holly.  I posted it as a #tbt on Facebook.  A friend from church said "I have one of those things on your head in my shower!"  HA!

Micah's new dentist does Magic Shows.  Jonah's will love it there.  I was quite impressed!

Another night of Advent activities. 

Lunch with Louise.  (aka Miss Youease or Weez)

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