Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dan's D.Min Graduation- Part Two

Our first full day in New Orleans was non-stop so we took it easy Friday morning.  And, I knew we had a surprise in store a little after lunch so I tried to keep us around the hotel until time for that.   When it was almost time for the surprise, we headed downstairs to get ready to leave.  I conveniently forgot a few things upstairs that Dan had to go back up for. 

Then, we did a little photo session on the stairs.  As Dan was snapping a picture of me and the boys, I said, "take one of those people!"  When he turned around to see what I was talking about, he spotted Melinda Strickland!  George and Melinda were on the Search Committee that called Dan as Interim to FBC, Glen Rose, TX while we were in Seminary.  They were our family there.  We spent countless hours with them.  We spent holidays with them.  They have visited us in the various places we have lived.  They have loved our boys from a distance.  We (all) so badly wanted God to call us to serve that church after Seminary but we never felt God was moving us that way.  They kept asking and we kept praying but never got the go ahead.  Those 2 years were a sweet time in our lives.  And, we gained these special friends who flew in from Texas just for Dan's graduation. 

We all went to lunch at Drago's for more chargrilled oysters.  We definitely got our fill of those on this trip.  The boys were mostly impressed with all the lobsters. 

Dan had to leave there and head to graduation practice.  Micah needed a nap so I took him back to the hotel while Jonah went on an adventure with George and Melinda.  Dan dropped me and Micah off at the hotel so I took a few pictures of him in his cute outfit. 

He was not the least bit ready for a nap.  Actually, he was very silly.  I could not quit laughing at him.  But, I knew he needed to sleep so he would be ready for the rest of the day.  So, I put on my serious mommy face and forced the nap. 

And, apparently he needed it because about thirty minutes later, this is what he looked like.  Dude was TIRED!
Soon after he woke up, Dan's family all arrived at the hotel.  We visited downstairs while we waited for Jonah, The Strickland's and Dan to get back.  Then, we all took of for an adventure to Mother's then to walk around New Orleans. 

We walked through a Christmas area that had "Mistletoe Row."  Micah was all about the kissing.  So much that he did not want his mommy and daddy to kiss without him!

This next picture makes me laugh.  It is so a depiction of our little Micah.  That boy...

When we got back to the hotel, Darryl and Denise had arrived from Jackson.  They told us they would wait up for us so we went straight to their room to visit. 

They gave Dan such a nice, nice graduation gift that he is already using.  They ahve been such good friends to our family for many, many years!
They next day was going to be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY so we got the kids to the room and into the tub. Jonah was still a little revved up!
I took this picture of Dan because we were laughing about the string on the front of his cap.  It was much more comical then than now.  But, I had to include it for our memory. 
That would actually be the end of this post but somehow all of these pictures ended up at the end and it would take forever to move them to the top.  So, pretend we are still in the middle of Friday night...okay?  :-)

We seriously had such a good Friday in New Orleans.  It felt so wonderful to be surrounded with so many people who we love and miss.  Florida seems a long way away from the people we love so we cherished the time with our friends and family.  We all got good sleep for a BIG day on Saturday. 

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