Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 Beach Vacation- Day Five

Now that we have been back from the beach for almost 2 months, I've decided it is time to finish the blog posts about the beach. Because, as we all know, everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for news from a trip that happened months ago.   Since you are probably bored already, I'll start this post with photographic evidence of what happens when the father is put in charge of the sunscreen. 

While we are on the subject of sunscreen, can I just admit that I hate the stuff?  I use it.  I put it on my kids.  I buy it in bulk.  But, I hate it.  I don't like the smell, the consistency, the way things stick to us after we used it, etc.  [Rant Over!]

This was the day we found lots of critters in the water.  The boys got to hold fun this starfish!  (And, a certain boy accidentally broke of one of his legs.  Or arms?  I'm not sure what those are called. 

After spending a while in the water, we came in for a late lunch and rest time.  That night was the awaited Pirate Cruise.  So, we all needed to be rested and ready to go!

While we waited to leave port, Micah entertained us all by dancing.  A lot.  It was pretty funny.  We had to convince Jonah to join him out there.  He wasn't quite as into the entertaining idea. 

They had so many activities planned on the boat but the one that brought me the greatest joy was watching Micah when they had the water gun fight.  He couldn't shoot other people with his gun because he was too busy shooting himself in the mouth so he could drink the water.  Except, most of the time, he missed his mouth and just shot himself in the face.  He was soaked!

Oh, and we saw dolphins several times while we were out on the water.  That is always a bonus!

And, would you believe we found a treasure after following a treasure map.  The boys got to help pull it in from the water. 

It was such a fun night on the Pirate Ship.  This was Louise's idea and I'm so glad she suggested it.  We all had so much fun.  Micah could hardly wait to get bathed and into his closet so he could go to bed. 


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