Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Breaking the routine!

Micah went to bed at his normal time tonight.  But, he never settled down.  He sang.  He clapped.  He sang some more.  He cheered every time he said a prayer.  He kicked the wall.  He called for me.  He called for Dan.  He laughed.  He played.  I listened to him over the monitor then decided to go be fun mom and get him up.  Dan and I were already in bed.  We've been getting up super early so we are both dead by 9:00 each night.  But, at 9:45, I walked into Micah's room and said "Do you want to come to our room for a special treat?"  Of course he said yes!  So, I brought him in here and let him watch a little Sesame Street while Dan answers email.  I picked up my computer and opened the webcam.  Look at this silly little guy who is up hours past his bedtime!

Sometimes, the most fun nights are when you break routine and just do something for the fun of it!  And, trust me...this one has fun with just about everything he does!

Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Beach Vacation- Day 3

The first thing we did on our way outside Tuesday morning was grab the Kayaks.  We fell in love with Kayaking so we could hardly wait to get back out there with them the next day. 

Those little guys grabbed their buckets and off they went.  The next picture ended up being one of my favorites of the trip. 

If you remember, the area had tons of rain this summer so the gulf was much more the color of tea than the pretty emerald water that you usually find there.  It was still very clear though.  And, yes...Micah is wearing a girl puddle jumper.  We neglected to pack his and couldn't find one there.  Dan's mom was driving in and borrowed Rachel's for Micah.  (Thanks Chris and Darla!)

A certain friend of mine (ahem...Beppa) doubted the validity of my claims of kayaking.  So, I made sure to have photographic proof the next day.  Although, I will say, photos taken in a kayak from an angle pointing up are about the least flattering shots one could have!

As I mentioned before, we were so grateful to be invited on this vacation with Louise and Hazel.  We certainly love both of them.  And, did I mention they can cook?  Like, really, really good!?!?!  We came in from the beach to this yummy meal of fresh caught shrimp, hush puppies, corn and hash brown casserole.  Yeah, we preatty much want to ALWAYS go on vacation with them. 
The boys had so much fun that week.  A week away was such a refreshing time for them and for our family as a whole.  They got to have lots of fun outside but also enjoyed some downtime inside while the grown ups rested and played cards and dominoes.  Jonah even learned a few of the games.  He's quite the card player!

I moved outside for a while to do a little work.  Micah grabbed the iPad and said "I do work too!"

We took a couple of Jonah's new birthday gifts with us.  One of the gifts came from the Axon family.  They gave Jonah some parachute men.  We all had fun throwing them off the top floor down to the ground. 


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