Friday, August 16, 2013

Jonah's 2nd Grade Meet the Teacher

 Ahhhh...2nd grade is here!  Although I am NOT ready to be back in the grind, I am excited about the upcoming year for Jonah.  We have loved his school the last two years.  And, we feel pretty sure that we have been blessed with two of THE best teachers ever for Kindergarten and 1st grade.  We have been so fortunate the last two years in the teacher department that we almost feel like we are due a bad year.  But, after today, we are pretty sure that won't be the case.  We certainly won the teacher lottery again!  (More about her later in this post!)
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 We took Jonah's teacher an App Store gift card with a cute note that said "An App(le) for the teacher."  I had him color on it and write his name.  One would have thought I asked him to draw a diagram of the human body.  My word...his brain must have atrophied over the summer.  And, believe it or not, we actually read, drew, painted, colored, worked on handwriting, worked on math and did science projects over the summer.  I can't imagine what it would have been like without that. 
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 We also took a gift to his Principal and Assistant Principal.  We got them USB Chargers and attached a note that said "With you in CHARGE, this year is going to be AWESOME!"  He was a little shy about giving the gifts to Mrs. Hogue and Mrs. Williams but they loved them. 

We heard a rumor from a couple of people who knew who Jonah's teacher was but I didn't rest easy in that until we got the official word.  Jonah was ALL smiles when he got the word that Mrs. Newman was his teacher.  To quote him "Megan had Mrs. Newman and she never said she was mean, only nice!"
 He was also thrilled to see many of his friends in his class again this year.  Although, we were sad to see that Ava isn't in our class.  She has been the one friend in every class with Jonah since we moved to Florida. 

 He finally got to meet Mrs. Newman.  He acted SO shy and reserved.  He barely spoke and when he did, it was barely above a whisper.  I'm not sure why he gets so shy in those settings.  Mrs. Hoover worked ALL year long on trying to get him to speak up and speak out.  By the end of the year, he was finally raising his hand volunteering information rather than waiting to be asked.  Dan noticed today that he became his old self as soon as Mason walked in the room and he could help him walk through the steps.  He does fine in those small circles but gets so quiet in the whole class environment.  From everything my friends have told me, Mrs. Newman will be a big help to him in this area. 

 Kayla and Ava stopped by to say hi.  They are both in Mrs. Cohen's class.  They have all been friends since their days at ECDC. 

 We are super happy to have DeAnna back in our class this year.  They were in Mrs. Myer's class in Kindergarten but didn't have the same teacher last year. 
 And, we ended up with a Perkin's twin again this year.  Last year was the first year we had not been with one of them since our ECDC days. 

We couldn't leave without stopping by to see Mrs. Hoover.  She told all the kids to be sure to come see her on Meet the Teacher day so she could know who their teachers are.  We will be at a party with her tomorrow but we wanted to see her today.  There was only one student in there so we waited until they were done so we could visit for a minute.  We adore this wonderful woman!  She was an amazing teacher who did so much for Jonah.
She even gave Jonah one of the gifts she gave all of her students.  The Reading theme at our school this year is Super Heros.  She made these cute suckers with capes.  So cute!
And, on our way to the car, we made a quick stop by to see Mrs. Myers.  She set the foundation for Jonah's love of learning.  She taught him to believe in himself, to love school and to LOVE reading.  Those million words he read in 1st grade can be attributed to this lady.  I can't imagine there is a better Kindergarten teacher anywhere in the world. 

Dan is bummed that he won't have his regular Wednesday volunteer time this year.  For the last two years, he has volunteered from 8-9 but Jonah's class has special area this year therefore Mrs. Newman won't need him because the kids will be out of the room.  I'm sad for him because he LOVED being in Jonah's classroom and the kids loved him being there.  Mrs. Hoover said she might still use him this year if he is willing.  And, he is going to check with Mrs. Williams to see if there are other places he could be used. He's such a great dad and a wonderful volunteer at the school.  He ended up spending most of last year working with two little boys who were behind in ready and math.  It was special for all of them.  I'm hopeful something will work out for him to still volunteer somewhere this year. 

So, here we are on Friday night with just a couple of days to spare before Jonah embarks on another school year.  We are so proud of this boy and excited about the year that is ahead of him.  We already love his teacher and know she will be just perfect Jonah.  We are praying for her and ready to help her in any way!   It's gonna be a great, great year!  Stay tuned for the sappy first day of school post.  You can read about Kindergarten HERE and First Grade HERE

Flashback Friday

I don't usually do Flashback Friday but I just saw this picture and it made my heart smile.  

Jonah- December 31, 2006

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jonah's 7th Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for Jonah this year proved to be little difficult.  Early in the year, he decided to not have a party in order to be able to spend some time in NYC when we went to Philly on our vacation.  That trip got canceled so he wanted to know if he could have a party.  It wasn't his fault the trip got canceled so we started scrambling to plan a party. 

We gave him several suggestions and he settled on a party at the place where he takes Martial Arts.  He had been to a couple of parties there and loved them.  This was no exception.  He (and the other kids) had a great time!  It was a fabulous party.  It started with Jonah getting to lead the kids in exercises.  (see, doesn't that sound fun?)

After they warmed up, they got to do all sorts of drills.  The staff catered each thing to the particular age and skill set of the child.  Which was great because of the varied ages there. 

There is a pretty strict "No kids under 4" rule but a couple of times they motioned for Micah to come out to take a turn.  I think maybe because it was his brother's party?  It won't be long until he can fully participate in things like this. 
Colton watched from the side too.  With just a little bit of age, those two could take over the place.  :-)

Jonah even ran the course once with Micah.  It was pretty sweet for this mom to watch her boys have so much fun together. 

One of the perks of parties at this place is dodge ball.  The kids LOVE it.  They played for a little bit before dinner and cake. 

Before going in to eat, Sensei gathered all the kids and put Jonah in the middle.  At this point, his mo and dad were super nervous.  We saw her grab the boards so we knew what was coming.  It was time for him to break 2 boards with a kick. 

Yeah, he nailed it!  He let out a big "HI-YA" and kicked right through those things.  Whew!

Another highlight of parties at this place is getting to cut your cake with a samurai sword.  Jonah could hardly wait to do this. 

The total party time was 2 hours but when I looked at my watch while the kids were eating, I realized we only had 30 minutes left.  Sensei told me that if he opened presents there, he would not have enough time to play black light dodge ball or battle the parents in dodge ball.  Knowing the battle against the parents is one of the best parts for all the kids, I gave Jonah the choice.  He decided to wait to open presents and do all the dodge ball that could be done!

It really was such a perfect party.  He had so much fun and is still talking about it.  One of the special parts of his party was having Louisiana friends here for the party.  Debra was at his first three parties before we left Vidalia.  Then, we moved here and she missed 4, 5 and 6.  She made it back for 7 so if we follow this trend, then she needs to pencil us in for 8 and 9.  (Got that Beppa?)  Cliff and Beppa loved this boy from the moment they found out he was on the way.  (They were the very first people who knew.  We wrapped the 9 pregnancy tests in a dish cloth and went to their house, holed up in their master bath and shared the news with them!  Then we walked next door to tell Tim and Belinda!)  So, having her and Jessie here for his party was very special to all of us. 

Thanks to Ann Axon Photography for another great party shoot!  I had decided not to have a photographer there but when she RSVP'd for her kids to come, I decided to take the plunge.  I'm so glad I did.  Such great shots!  Thanks, Ann!  I'll post all the party shots on my Facebook.  There were almost 200!  I had to settle for just 70 for this post!


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