Saturday, August 3, 2013

Almost DONE

It is a BIG day in our house.  And, when I say BIG, I mean REALLY, REALLY BIG!  Big, as in 320 typed pages!
All the pages have been printed and put in a binder.  They are ready to be proof read by a local friend just for general typos and errors.  Then, this time next week, it will be submitted to the official reader.  
Dan started his Doctor of Ministry degree when Jonah was just a toddler.  I just looked back at the blog to see that he took his first class in August of 2008 which means he must have started the pre-course work sometime earlier that summer.  So, he has we have been at this for five years!
But, today he typed the very last page- his Vita.  That made the entire project 320 pages.  When he gets the first copy back from the reader and his supervisor, he knows for sure he will have to trim at least 50 pages off of the length but maybe upwards of 100.  He has NO IDEA how to make that happen but he will do it when it comes.  Hopefully it will also come with direction as to how to make that happen. 
So, for now, he will fold up the card table in our bedroom.  He will pack away the books.  He will go back to life as normal as he waits for the first round of revisions. 
Then, one day out of the blue when he least expects it, he will have a copy returned to him with lots of red marks and notes.  He will then have a short time to make all of the suggested corrections and then get it submitted again.  Then the wait will come for a date that he must be in New Orleans to appear before a board who will question him on his project and make the ultimate decision as to whether this project is a Pass or Fail.  I hope to go with him for this because of the high level of stress involved.  

Then, on December 14, he will put on a cap and gown at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and walk across a stage and he will be DONE!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Passports- The Beginning

One of the fun things we have done this summer is a program called Little Passports.  It's been great for Jonah because he LOVES getting mail and he loves learning.  So, this combines those two things.  His first shipment included a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, his suitcase and his passport.  He and I opened everything and started exploring while Micah ate yogurt and watched from his high chair. 

There is a sheet included each month that gives you clues about where your next package will arrive from.  He quickly learned that Brazil was the country Sam and Sofia would be visiting.  He was super excited about learning more about that country. 

We stopped for a quick dinner then jumped right back into the learning. 

Each month there is a boarding pass that opens another section of the website up to you so you can learn about that country online also. 

This has definitely been a fun summer adventure.  I'm going to go ahead and re-enroll for 3 more months to see if there can be a good balance between school work and this.  If not, I'll cancel the subscription until next summer.  But, it has certainly been fun.  And, we have BOTH learned things about the world that we did not know. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

The fire at Stetson

Dan's cell phone rang at 3:51 a.m. on July 17.  I heard him say "Okay,  do you know where?  The children/preschool wing?  Okay, I'm on my way!"  I asked if we were broken in to.  He said "No, that was John.  He said there is a fire!"  We both thought it was a false alarm.  Dan put on shoes and off he went.  I rolled over to go back to sleep but thought about how sleepy he was so I called him as he drove to the church.  We had only been asleep for a little over 2 hours because Debra had gotten into town that night and we stayed up late visiting.  

As he pulled up the church, he said "Well, I don't see flames but I see a lot of flashing lights."  He still thought it was a false alarm.  He hung up and went to talk to the firemen.  He text me back soon saying it was the office complex and it was a real fire.  He said Channel 6 news was there.  I turned the TV on to see what they had to say.  He kept sending me texts with updates then asked if I could take shoes to him.  He only wore flip-flops and would need real shoes when he was let in the building.
Fortunately, Debra and Jessie were here so I sent her a text to let her know what was going on and I left for the church.  I pulled up to several fire trucks.  I got there around 5:15 a.m.  The fire was out and a cause had already been determined.  A surge protector caused an electrical fire in our workroom.  It quickly spread to Heather's office and the 4 offices off of her office.  Dr. Beck, Dan and Jon's offices were all spared from flames but had heavy smoke damage.  The entire Children's Wing suffered smoke damage. 

As I walked through the building, I noticed one particularly odd thing.  Heather's computer was melted.  Seriously, her monitor was totally melted.  But, the bowl of Hershey Kisses next to it were untouched.  Makes me wonder what those things are made of!!!

Here we are 3 weeks out and the entire office area is gutted.  Everything from Dan's office is gone.  Many things were trashed.  Servepro has packed everything else into a pod and will take boxes one at a time to ozone and clean.  If it can be preserved, then it is.  If not, then it is trashed.  His preaching Bibles were all in there.  He's preaching from a pew Bible.  His commentaries are all gone.  His files are gone.  The notes and things on his desk...gone.  It's an odd feeling to be without anything you normally rely on.  

It seems the rebuilding process will be at least 4-6 months.  Dan and Jon are working for 6 foot tables in the youth room in the meantime.  It's crazy...CRAZY!  

I went to lunch with Debra and Jessie that day.  Their choice...Firehouse Subs.  A little ironic, huh!?!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Then and Now

One of my favorite Internet things is when people take childhood photos and recreate them.  They always make me laugh.  But, this one...THIS ONE really made me laugh.  I took a picture of it with my phone just so I could see it at random times.  How stinkin' funny is this??


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