Friday, June 28, 2013

Jonah's Birthday List

Since we live away from all of our family, we have keep their wishlists on updated in order to help our family when they shop for them.  Since our kids aren't around grandparents, they don't know what they are in to or what their latest must-haves are.  Before each holiday or birthday, I go in and remove things they no longer want and add the latest wishes.  

Just last week, Jonah and I sat on his bed for over an hour added things and taking things off.  He had so much fun picking out things he wants and pointing out the things he has wanted his "whole entire life."  I had to steer him away from some things with bad reviews but for the most part, he picked every single thing on his list himself.  

He has finally made the turn that I knew was coming.  None of his requests resemble that of a little boy.  They are all big boy toys/games/video games/video game accessories/books.  I couldn't help but go back and look at the items that were purchased off of that wish list over the last 7 years.  I immediately saw the set of Fridge Farm Magnets that Tommy Chandler gave him for his first birthday.  And, the sand and water table from Cliff and Debra.  Dumbo was on there and that reminded me of him getting that from Denise as his very first Disney movie.  The Baby Grand piano from Jimmy and Cathy was one of his favorites.  

We are just a month away from our little guy turning 7 years old.  This year has brought so many changes for him.  He has his own thoughts and opinions.  He's tried new things.  He's become afraid of some of the things that were not issues just a year ago.  He's decided he isn't a fan of Star Wars anymore but he "doesn't hate it."  He has a new found love of legos and building.  He loves science.  He is a great reader.  He loves his DS and Wii.  He's still a daddy's boy.  He is fun to talk to.  He tells silly stories and talks with baby talk when he gets nervous.  

I still have no definite plans for his birthday but I do know that I'll spend the day celebrating the sweet kiddo that he is!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stetson Baseball

One of the things we love about our little town is having a University here.  Stetson University, home of the Hatters, is known for their baseball.  They tend to do well each year and are definitely known as a baseball school.  We've been to a few of their games.  But, this year, we got a special treat.  A friend from church invited us to one of the suites for a game. 

Our friends from church who invited us, invited all of the staff and their families.  They had a wonderful meal for us with some pretty yummy appetizers.  And, we got the bonus of watching the baseball game from the comfort of an air conditioned box.  That is the way I like to do baseball. 

As a side note, you should know the family who invited us is the midst of a unimaginable pain and loss as they lost their precious daughter yesterday to brain cancer.  Jimmy (lower left of picture below) and Debbie Joiner's oldest daughter Lindsay, went to be with Jesus and we are all so heartbroken.  Lindsay was just 32 years old.  There are no answers as to why God allows pain and suffering.  But, as we pray for Jim and Deb, Lindsay's husband Steve and her sister and brother-in law, Shelly and Zack, we trust the providence of God.  We all mourn the loss of one who offered so much to this world. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Disappointing Jonah...

This has been a tough summer for Jonah.  His little heart has been crushed several times because of things planned that didn't actually happen.  I know that is a lesson that we all learn at some point in life, but his lesson is happening over and over in a period of just a few weeks.  As a mom, that is hard to see.  So many things have been cancelled for him that he now asks questions like "Could we go swimming this afternoon if nothing comes up to stop us?" and "I hope we can do ________ if it doesn't get cancelled at the last minute!" 

It all started with a big family vacation we had scheduled in June.  Since then, there have been 5 or 6 things he has had his heart set on that didn't happen.  (Including another week long trip that he doesn't even know he isn't going to yet!!) And, now, it seems like his birthday party is being added to the list.  As you faithful blog readers know, I'm a HUGE party planner.  I love celebrating the births of my boys one day out of each year.  Well, in the early part of this year, Jonah chose to add NYC to our Philadelphia vacation in lieu of having a birthday party.  

But, things happened and our vacation was cancelled at the last minute.  Then, out of blue last week, Jonah said "Since I didn't get to go to New York City or Philadelphia, do I get a birthday party now?
It certainly wasn't his fault that the vacation didn't happen so we told him that we would gladly plan a party for him.  I chose the first date and booked the party only to realize that I had a baby shower at my house on THE. EXACT. SAME. DATE!  (Epic calendar fail for me!!!)  I called the place back and took the very last spot they had.  Then, I sent a text to a few of the boy mom's I don't see or talk to regularly just to give them the date and time.  It worked for only one of them.  ONLY ONE!

There were certainly other friends we planned to invite but at this time, all indications are that it's not gonna happen AGAIN!   I'm torn between going ahead and sending the invites and waiting to see if anyone can come or just chunking the whole thing and hoping he doesn't remember it is his birthday.  Sweet thing...he is so sensitive that no one showing at his party would break his heart.  (Not to mention that we have to pay for 15 whether they show or not?!?)  Oh, and have I mentioned that no one RSVP's anymore so there would be no way to tell?

What's a mommy to do? 



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