Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm currently sitting in a Hospice waiting room in Jacksonville, Florida. Dan is visiting a 32 year old friend in her final days of a year long struggle with brain cancer. 32 YEARS OLD!  My boys are here next to me. Jonah is playing his Nintendo DS while Micah goes back in forth between the iPad, watching Pooh and reading books. They are being so quiet and sweet. I look at them and feel so grateful. Yet, I also feel guilty. It is hard balancing grateful ness for the ways God has blessed me with fear of an unknown future.

I know this family never expected to be here. But, somehow, their normal turned to chaos and now their daily lives include words like death, goodbye and Hospice. They love Jesus so passionately. If ever a man should get a pass from life's difficulties because of his faithfulness, Lindsay's dad is the one. But, life just doesn't work this way. We don't get passes. We only get grace to make it through each day.

So, I'm asking God for extra measures of His love and grace for this family.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Movin' On Up...

On Thursday, May 23, the crib was converted into a full size bed and my little baby two year old climbed into that bed and suddenly became a big kid.  He looks SO big sitting in that bed.  Several people have asked us why our boys have full size beds rather than twins.  There are several reasons.  The first is that we bought convertible cribs.  The front and back of their cribs convert into a headboard and foot board for a bed.  So, that is the first reason.

But, soon after we converted Jonah's bed and moved him into the full size bed, we realized how much we love having a big bed for them.  We lay beside them to read, do devotions, sing, pray, etc.  And, sometimes the whole family ends up in one bed for the bedtime routine.  We all love having the space to be together for this. 

Another reason is that full size beds give us more room for company.  As you know, we tend to have a good bit of company.  We know have more space for people to sleep when they come.  If need be, we can bring both boys to our room and that opens up two more full size beds for people to sleep.  That works well when your house is kind of like a hotel! 

Some of our most precious times are spent laying beside one of these boys as they drift off to sleep!  I know that one day (sniff, sniff) they will go to bed on their own and not need us to read to them or lay with them.  So, we are treasuring this for now!  (Well, maybe not quite treasuring on the nights Dan is gone and I'm pressed for time to get them both down!  HA!)
Micah has been a CHAMP since moving to this bed almost a month ago.  Not one time has he gotten out of bed after we say goodnight.  He lays there until he falls asleep and then sits in bed and plays until we go in to get him.  We told him the first night that he could not get up until mommy or daddy came in.  And, he listened.  We were so proud of him. 

I sent Jonah in one morning to get him and over the monitor, I heard Micah say "I not get up, I wait for my mommy!"  HA!  Hey, I'll take it!

As soon as Jonah found out he was having a brother, he started talking about them sleeping together.  He thought it would happen as soon as Micah came home from the hospital.  Needless to say, it didn't.  But, I think they are ready.  Jonah wanted to do it that night but we wanted to let Micah get used to the bed without Jonah in it.  So, one night this week, we will put those two down together and begin what will probably be years of them cozying up to each other.  (MELTS MY HEART!)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jonah's First Grade Mother's Day Tea

Jonah's first grade teacher does an annual Mother's Day tea.  I was so happy to join my little guy in his classroom as they celebrated their moms.  Since we were all dressed up, I took a few photos of him before we left home.  He looks so big here. 
We walked into the classroom to find the tables all decorated and ready for all the mommies.  They even had gifts for us. 

His teacher, once again, was just amazing this year!  I seriously do not know how we were fortunate enough to win the teacher lottery two years in a row. 

This is Logan.  According to Jonah, "Logan is my very very very best friend in the whole world and universe!"  I never noticed how much taller Logan is than Jonah.  He really is such a sweet kid and I'm glad Jonah has been in class with him the last two years. 

Here he is with Mrs. Hoover right before they went to Special Area for the day.  She had already changed clothes and I was taking Jonah with me for our day at Sea World. 
Oh, and you need to know Martiza.  She is the School Administrative Assistant.  We love her!
Dan snapped a few pictures of us together after we got home.  I sure do love this little six year old.  He has made my heart so happy.  I can hardly believe he is D.O.N.E. with 1st grade!  Blows my mind!

Jonah's 1st grade art fair

One of the things I have enjoyed about Jonah being in school is the annual art fair.  This is the time where there is a big show in the art room and then you move to the multi-purpose room to see his specific art work. The first room was 3D art where all the kids got to wear glasses.  We kind of breezed through that part so we could get to the room to see Jonah's art. 
It didn't take long for Jonah to find his and point it out to me.  Anytime his art is halfway good, we are so surprised because neither of his parents have one artistic bone in our body. 

The purpose of the art fair is to get you to buy the framed originals.  The money goes to the art department at his school.  So, I don't mind spending $30 for something that he can proudly display while it also supports his school. 

These art fairs are always on Wednesday so Dan has never made it to one of them.  And, if you remember last year, I almost missed it.  Glad I made it with no problems this year!!!


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