Thursday, June 6, 2013

Holy, Holy, Holy

Ever have one of those moments when you realize you just might be doing the right things as a mom?  Yeah, I ALMOST had one of those.  As we were finishing lunch, Micah was rubbing his eyes and kept saying "I want holy, holy!"  I want holy, holy!"  I said "You want Holy, Holy, Holy in your bed?"  He smiled so big and said "Yes!  In my bed!  I want Holy, Holy!" 

I cleaned him up and went to his room with him.  All the while smiling that the truths and hope I've poured into his heart is finally taking root and he is requesting songs like "Holy, Holy, Holy" rather than "The Itsy Bitsy Spider!"  I changed his diaper and his clothes, turned off the light and crawled into bed with him.  I started to sing "Holy, Holy, Holy" and he started screaming.  "NO!  I want holy, holy!  Not my bed!  I want holy, holy!"  I realized then that maybe he didn't want to nap but just wanted to sing.  I explained to him that it was naptime and he had to take a rest but I would still sing.  He screamed and cried.  I'm talking crocodile tears.  (Which, by the way, why are they called crocodile tears?  Have we ever seen a croc cry?)  

He kept crying and pointing at the door.  I took him by the hand and let him lead me because I knew he was trying to tell me something.  (If you remember, we have some speech issues with him that we need to have him evaluated for)  We got back to the kitchen and he kept crying, pointing to the pantry and saying "Holy, Holy!"  I opened the pantry and he grabbed a can of Ravoili.  Then he smiled and said "See, holy, holy!  You no sing ANYMORE!" 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A new day

Is there anything more precious than walking into the rooms of your children just to watch them as they sleep?  That is definitely one of my most favorite parts of parenting.  The rooms are quiet except for sound machines and lullabies.  Sleepy toys are held close.  Covers are wrapped around them.  It is so tender to me.  In those moments, I'm so grateful to God for the gift of their little lives. 

In the midst of busy days, places to be, meals to serve and parenting to do, I sometimes overlook the simplicity of being mommy.  I get overwhelmed.  I get frustrated.  I get disappointed.  I miss the big picture.  As day one of summer break ends, I'm asking God not to let that happen.  I'm asking him to help me cherish the little moments. 

The past 8 days have been hard on these little guys.  Their daddy has been very busy.  They have hardly seen him.  Their mommy has had a high level of stress and anxiety because of a situation that is completely out of our control.  Their vacation was cancelled.  They have been ushered out of rooms where they should not hear certain conversations.  They have worn headphones in order to shield them from overhearing things in a meeting.  They have, in many ways, been on the back burner. 

But, as I snuggled with Micah tonight, I felt sure that God whispered to my soul that these guys are our priority.  They are our biggest responsibility.  They are the first hearts we should shepherd.  They are the first ones who need to feel loved and secure from us.  Then, I came out of his room and saw this on Twitter.

So, I'm going to bed tonight with renewed hope of a new day tomorrow.  The disappointments of this week are done and we can't change that.  But, the fun to be had tomorrow is up to me.  The joy in our house is up to me.  The pictures we paint, the games we play and the snuggles we share...all up to me.  While the situation didn't change and the people who need Dan in this trying time won't be any different tomorrow, the way I face the day will.  I'm excited to see how God will use me in the lives of my little boys tomorrow.  After all, they are my most important mission field.    

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jesus Loves Me

I just walked into Micah's room to check on him because I could hear him kicking the wall.  I opened the door and said "What are you doing?  You should be asleep!"  He said "Daddy telled me that.  Daddy said go to sleep but I awake.  I want to sing about Jesus.  Sing wif me!"

So, I crawled into bed next to him and we sang "Jesus Loves Me" several times.  When we finished, he said "Mommy, Yes, Jesus love me.  Jesus love you too, mommy!"

I'd love to say that sweet moment carried on but then he said "You lay wif me.  You not lay wif daddy.  Don't leave me.  Don't leave me.  DON'T LEAVE ME!  You sing Jesus right now!"

Ahhhh...sweet moments don't last long but they are sweet when they do last!  :-)


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