Saturday, June 1, 2013

By the pool!

This is my view this morning.  I've been in the same chair (minus switching laundry) for over two hours.  My kids have swam and swam.  I'll take them inside in about 30 minutes for lunch and Micah's nap.  Then, when afternoon rolls around, they will be back out here.  They love the pool.  Jonah is an excellent swimmer.  Micah is completely comfortable in his puddle jumper.  So, I get to sit on the side and watch.

And, after this week, sitting for a while is nice.  We've had a tough week.  There are weeks in ministry that are simply wonderful and get tied up with a nice bow.  Then, there are weeks that make you question why on earth you do this.  The week doesn't end up with a pretty bow. Instead, it ends up a mangled mess.  And, you are left to wonder what on earth God is doing and how he can redeem.  But, fortunately, we have been at this Christian life just long enough to know that he does indeed know what He is doing and he can certainly redeem.  And, the more messy the situation, the more beautiful His story is.  So, we hang on to that.  

Dan is in meetings most of the day.  He will be home for a couple of hours before we have an event here tonight.  We have a prospective staff member in town and this is the night his family meets with the rest of the staff families.  He has three kids so I hope they will get to enjoy a little down time and just swim and be kids for tonight.  Weekends like this are hard on kids.

Everyone will be here around 5 and my house is a wreck.  I've learned recently that cleaning in advance is futile.  I saw a sign once that said "Cleaning your house while children are home is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos!"  So true!  So, I'll wait until just a couple of hours before the gathering to get the house party ready.  

Jonah has only two days left of school.  He had his awards day yesterday and end of the year party on Thursday.  I'm so ready for the break.  I'm ready for lazy days.  I'm ready to not rush out the door each morning.  I'm ready to hang out in one of their beds just reading books together.  I'm ready for trips to the library and the movie theater.  And, to wrap up summer, we have a beach vacation with church friends to Mexico Beach outside of Panama City.  I find it hard to be excited about that because that means summer will be over.  So, I'm focusing on all the fun between now and then.  

In the midst of crazy weeks like this one, I'm reminded of the many ways God has blessed us.  The kids went four days without seeing Dan except at breakfast time.  They missed him.  I missed him.  Our world is best when we are all together.  And, just because life was so insane last week, rather than putting the kids to bed at their normal time last night, we threw caution to the wind, (whatever that means?!?) and put on swimsuits rather than pajamas.  I swam with the kids until late while Dan went for a run.  He came back and jumped in the pool with us.  We laughed, giggled, jumped and swam until almost 11:00 p.m.  It was fun.  And, we made sweet memories.  

I have many posts saved to my draft folder but I'll get to them as I can.  Duty calls and these boys seem to want to eat lunch.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

 Dr. Spivey left our house early this morning.  Dan and I were sitting in the living room discussing various options for the day.  I checked the Amtrak schedule and realized a train was leaving for Winter Park in less than an hour.  We jumped into high gear and made it there in plenty of time.  None of us had ever ridden an Amtrak train before. 

 The first train to pass was the Auto train.  Man!  That thing had some power.  It was loud and super fast.  It kind of scared us all. 

 Our train was a little late so we walked around the train station for a while.  The boys enjoyed exploring the different things.  We ended up in the gazebo until our train arrived. 

 Jonah asked to take a picture of us.  He is really doing well with his photography.  I rarely delete photos he takes.  You'll see more of his later in this post as we were waiting for the train to pick us up. 

 We were so surprised with the train ride.  It was SO roomy.  It was very cool.  (as in temperature!)  I was expecting more airplane like conditions.  It was definitely the way to travel when it comes to being comfortable. 

 Dan and Jonah walked through the different cars until they found the dining car.  They came back with treats for Jonah but nothing for Micah. 

 I asked him to take Micah for a snack too.  They were gone for a while but finally came back with an apple and milk. 

 We got to Winter Park and took off to explore Park Avenue. 

 We stopped at The Gap and found a few things for Jonah to try on.  I heard Dan say "I don't think that mommy will like those!"  He then told me that I had accidentally gotten skinny jeans for Jonah. 

 Except, when I was putting them back on the rack, I noticed that they weren't skinny jeans.  They were just a size 3 meant for Micah.  HA! 

 We ended our time in Winter Park by visiting a candy/ice cream shop.  The boys got to pick out their treats then we went across the street to the park to eat and play until our train came. 

 More photos by Jonah. 

It was such a fun little spontaneous adventure.  We came home and got right in the pool.  And, for the first time, Micah really swam on his own.  We had a fun-filled day but my mind was constantly aware of the sacrifices of over 1 million men and women who have died serving our country.  I can't quite comprehend that type of sacrifice but I'm so grateful.  SO VERY GRATEFUL!


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