Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best work?

See that kid? Yeah, the one with the goggles! He.  Is.  A.  MESS!  Oh, he makes me laugh.  But, without trying.  You see, Micah is the naturally funny one.  He has a crazy sense of humor and he is always trying to make us life.  Jonah never tries.  It just comes naturally and that makes it even more funny.

When I picked him up from school, I told him he could take  one hour to do what he wanted.  He chose to swim.  He knows he has to practice piano first thing.  So, he ran to his room and I could hear him banging more than practicing.  I was cooking dinner so I listened for a minute then said "Jonah, are you doing your best work or your quickest work?"  He responded "Definitely my quickest.  That gets me in the pool faster!"  

True.  Very true!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There's Just Something About That Name

Every night when I rock Micah, we sing "There's Just Something About That Name."  Lately, he has just randomly started singing it.  He did it tonight as I dressed him for bed.  It was so sweet and calm and precious.  So, I videoed it.  Something about the ding of the video starting turns him into a wild child.  Then, Jonah walked in and it went downhill from there.  But, I think you will get the point. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day- 2013

Almost seven years ago, I became a mom.  I held those sweet baby boys in my arms and fell in love all over again.  I was the first one to love them, to kiss them, to wipe their tears, to read to them and to rock them.  I was there when they took their first steps, ate their first solid foods, slept through the night and got their first haircuts.  I'm big on making memories...and we have a lot of them.  

Because of them, I now know about The Avengers, sword fights, pirate ships, bugs, dinosaurs, boogers and PLENTY of potty humor.  In turn, I hope I can instill in them how to be kind, polite, respectful, to open doors for ladies and to keep bodily functions private.  I'm amazed at the little people they are becoming.  

We attempted photos before church this morning.  My sweet husband is amazing at so many things.  Camera lighting is not one of them.  We got in the car to drive to church and I reviewed these only to discover some really good photos with terrible shadows.  

Oh well!  We tried, right?  I should probably learn that when you live with a Preacher, Sunday Morning is NOT the time to attempt anything that takes extra time.  His mind is 1,000 other places.  Which, I guess is a pretty good thing.  :-)  Apparently it paid off this morning because I have heard from many people that the sermon was amazing today.  I missed it because it was my day in Children's Church.  I'll podcast it later in the week.   I always enjoy the messages God lays on his heart and I hate to miss them.  

Later tonight, we we were invited to dinner with friends so we took the camera in hopes of a few photos with my favorite guys. 

It has been a really great day!  But, honestly, most of my days are really great.  I feel so blessed to have married the man I did and given birth to the boys God gave us.  I feel such a heavy load of responsibility to be wife and mother that HE has called me to be.  I struggle with putting aside my selfishness to give more freely to them.  I want my boys to grow up in a home where they know their mom loved Jesus, their daddy and them.  I want those things to be actions and not words.  So, tomorrow will be another "regular" day that I get up early and ask God to help me to those things. And, somewhere in my journal, will be another prayer of thanks and gratitude to God for the chance to have them and love them!


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