Thursday, May 9, 2013

The rest of the time...

Jonah has a friend over this afternoon.  I picked them up from school and then we made a stop at RaceTrack for a snack.  As we got back in the car, I said "let me know when you are both buckled so we can go."  Jonah's friend said "My dad never checks to see if I'm buckled before he starts going.  He just goes."  Jonah piped up and said "My dad doesn't either when it is morning time.  But, that's probably because I'm slow and that makes us in a hurry.  We have to rush because I'm slow so there is no time to check seat belts.  But, he is a pretty good dad the rest of the time!" 

Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 4

My boys are MESSY!  I don't know if that is a common thing about all boys, but it is definitely true for the two little guys who live in this house.  So, when I spotted these little dustpan kits at T.J. Maxx, I thought they would make a great gift for their teachers.  I loved the cute designs so much that I might go back and buy one for myself.  There were so many options to choose from.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lyla's 7th Birthday

A few weeks ago, the boys and I went to the mall to celebrate Lyla's 7th birthday.  Lyla is in Jonah's class this year and is such a sweet little girl.  On any other day, I would have left Micah at home with Dan but he had a work day at the church so Micah had to tag along with us. 

I love little girl birthday parties.  Actually, I just love birthday parties in general, but I especially love the frilly-ness of a girl party.  So, I always pull out my my wrapping paper and channel my girly side. 
Lyla's party started at Build-A-Bear.  For a while, Jonah was the only boy there.  But, after some time, a couple of other boys came.  That made this boy very happy.  He was a little skeptical of "all the girls" at first. 

This picture made ma laugh.  Have you ever seen three boys look more unsure?  The girls were all smiles but the boys were just bothered enough that they looked miserable.  It didn't take long for them to warm up and realize having fun was okay. 

Here is Jonah with the birthday girl.  She is a ROCK STAR reader.  She is the best reader in all of first grade.  Jonah is quite impressed with that.  And, those two cheer each other on when it comes to Reading Count points.  I love to see friends support each other. 
Jonah chose a black bear and bought karate clothes for him.  He got to name his bear before printing the birth certificate.  Jonah, being the creative genius that he is, came up with (wait for it...) KARATE!  So, blog readers, allow me to introduce you to Karate!

The theme of this party was "Teddy Bear Picnic."  I knew the invite said we would go upstairs to the food court for lunch after the party.  What I didn't know is that Lyla's super mom transformed the food court into the cutest birthday party.  Seriously, it was amazing!  Complete with ants marching across the tables!!!!

We all enjoyed a yummy Chickfila lunch followed by a fabulous cake.  We were the envy of all the food court patrons.  And Lyla, well, she had a fun time at her party!  So did we!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week- Day Two

 While at T.J. Maxx, I spotted several boxes of Dr. Seuss note cards.  I got one box for each of the boy's teachers and wrapped coordinating ribbon and tulle with cardstock notes on them.  The notes played on the word "NOTE" (as you can see below) in order to up the cheese factor a little bit.  :-)

I tied a gift card to each box also.  And, in case you were wondering, the color coordination of the gift cards and the boxes is totally intentional.  :-)

Monday, May 6, 2013

"I needa hat!"

 Jonah enjoys wearing hats because it means we don't have to fix his hair.  So, fairly regularly, he will ask to wear a hat.  But, his little brother, not wanting to be outdone, saw Jonah's hat and came running through the house yelling "I needa hat!  I needa hat!"  Jonah gave him one of his, which was too big.  All the while, Jonah was wearing one that was too small for him. 

 I'm thinking it might be time to make a few new hat purchases.  I'm certainly a fan of baseball caps and love seeing my favorite boys in them. 

Teacher Appreciation Week- Day One

Jonah has had the most incredible teachers over the last few years.  From Preschool to Elementary, we have been so blessed by the ladies God has placed in his life to care for him, nurture him, teach him and love him.  This year has been no exception.  Just today, as we were driving to Karate, I said "Let's make a deal.  You stop growing and stay in first grade FOREVER!"  He giggled then he got very serious and said "Ya know, I wouldn't mind that because I could keep Mrs. Hoover as my teacher!"  He adores her!  She truly is amazing!

So, we could not let this week go by without showing her just how wonderful she is.  I wanted to do something a little creative but I wanted to avoid Pinterest.  Now that Pinterest is so popular, there doesn't seem to be much indivuality and creativity.  It seems that everyone does the same Valentines and the same Christmas gifts so I wanted to do something original for a few of the days this week.  I do love Pinterest and will use some ideas from there for this week, but I'm doing some of my own things too.  

Like this...
I was in T.J. Maxx last week and saw these step stools.  I thought they were super cute!  There were so many colors to choose from.  I felt sure that would not be a common gift.  So, I searched through them to pick out the ones I liked when I got a great idea.  I could attach a note on scrapbook paper saying something with the word "STEP."  

I grabbed one for both of my boy's teachers and began to think about the wording.  Micah is just in preschool and from what I saw today, I don't think anyone there celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week but us.  I knew his wording had to be different than Jonah's.  His teacher has been so wonderful to him over the last two months that he has been there.  So, we definitely wanted to show our appreciation to her.  You can see her step stool with attached note below. 
The note for Jonah's teacher was a little easier.  Because of her, he is fully prepared to "step" into 2nd grade. 
Both gifts were HUGE hits with the teachers and other parents.  I actually shared the idea with several friends over the last week so several other teachers got gifts like this today.  I'll keep this idea tucked away for next year too!  They turned out so cute!!!

Stay tuned for Day Two...


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