Saturday, April 13, 2013

A couple of Disney Days

Sometime back in January or February, we went to Disney two weeks in a row.  I saved these pictures in my draft folder but never came back to post about them.  On this particular day, Dan dropped me and Micah at Animal Kingdom while he and Jonah went to Epcot.  I enjoyed a fun time with the little guy while Dan and Jonah did the Agent P World Showcase Adventure. 

The next week, we picked Jonah up from school again and all went to The Magic Kingdom for the afternoon. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Apple

Dear Apple,

Several years ago, you introduced the world to your newest product, The iPad.  We didn't get one for a while.  It looked intriguing but since we already had iPhones and Macs, we didn't really see the need.  But, the more we played with them, the more beneficial they seemed.  Especially when we considered the benefit of Dan using it for meetings and us using it for road trips rather than lugging a laptop.  We never considered how much our kiddos would love it.

Yes, they love it.  They both do.  Jonah's teacher regularly sends apps home that go along with her curriculum.  For a kid who hates to write, doing math on the iPad is a treat.  And, when you have a reader like Jonah, unlimited books on line are a gift when a certain mommy forgot to get more books from the library.  Add in the other fun things for a first grader and you have created such fun for a first grader. 

What I never expected was for my 2 year old to love it.  By 16 or so months, he knew every letter and color.  He now knows his shapes and letter sounds.  I'd like to think my stellar mothering should get total credit but honestly, he and I do a lot of toddler educational apps and I'm pretty sure the iPad is to thank.  And, if I'm being completely honest, your product is a pretty good babysitter when I need to get a few things done. 

But, over the course of this week, I have developed a new love for the iPad.   You see, my little boy has struggled with asthma his whole life.  We manage it pretty well most of the time, but sometimes it gets the best of him.  And, at those times, any type of activity that involves moving, takes his breath and makes it really hard to breathe.  We have tried everything we can to get him to be still and to just rest.  But, let me remind you, he is two years old...TWO!  So, sitting still doesn't happen often. 

But, the moment we hand him the iPad, we are guaranteed stillness.  He goes hours without rescue breathing treatment.  He sits and plays.  He sings his alphabet.  He counts to 30 with one app.  He reads a book with Elmo on the other.  He watches Pooh rescue Tigger.  Basically, he just sits.  Which, minute by minute helps him get better!

So, thank you!

Monday, April 8, 2013


It has been a whirlwind of a few days and if my calendar proves to be true, the same will hold true for the next couple of weeks.  We have had company from Louisiana since last Friday.  They fly home tomorrow.  In the midst of their visit, we have packed in as much fun as possible, including an all day trip to Sea World on Saturday.  It was one of my favorite Sea World days ever.  The weather was perfect.  The crowds were low.  The only bad part of the day was that Dan and Micah weren't with us.  

Micah woke up that morning with 103.4 fever.  I volunteered to stay home with him so Dan could go but Dan pushed me to go since our visitors are my former boss and his wife.  It ended up being good for him because he spent the day catching up on work.  He took Micah to the doctor at noon where he was diagnosed with a double ear infection.  Poor thing felt terrible.  He laid around a lot.  I'm so ready to take Micah to Sea World.  He would love it.  Jimmy and Cathy bought Jonah a Season Pass while they were here so he can go anytime he wants for the next year.  And, we were able to upgrade the tickets Jimmy and Cathy bought for the day to a FunCard for me and Dan.  So, it only cost us $90 for our whole family to have passes for next 365 days.  

And, speaking of dollars, we got our email from our accountant with our tax information and we are feeling very blessed and thankful.  Dan's graduation date from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is December 14.  Since school will still be in for Jonah, we pretty much have to fly!  So, thanks to our taxes, graduation  (4 airline tickets, paying hotel, food, and graduation fees) won't be such a drain to our wallet right at Christmas time.  Someone suggested we leave the kids behind in order to save money, but these kids have sacrificed a lot (even if they don't realize it) for their dad to receive his Doctorate.  I want them to be there to celebrate with him.  Micah will be over 3 then so I hope it will be precious memories for them as they look back on their lives as kiddos.  

Jonah is in the final stretch of 1st grade.  He loves school.  He especially loves to read.  He hates to write.  H.A.T.E.S. to write!  He has had two incredible years.  I just can't imagine school being any better than it is for him.  He is ready for school to be done for the summer but only because of being ready for the lazy days of summer.  (Me too!)

Micah loves his preschool too.  He is there three days a week.  When we pull up, he says "MY KOOL!"  Then, he gets out and RUNS into his classroom.  He never says goodbye.  He is so happy there.  And, he has learned so much.  And, he learns about Jesus every single day.  I can't say enough about Christian Education during preschool.  Hearing your child quote Bible verses and sing songs about Jesus does something for your heart.  You can never get these days back and planting the seeds of God's word and truths into their young hearts is HUGE.  Jonah still sings songs he learned at age 1 while at Jefferson Street Preschool.  

Micah's speech has improved and we can understand him but I'm more aware of his need for speech therapy.  Having one child who could talk plainly at 14 months makes me keenly aware of the deficiency of Micah's speech.  He barely enunciates.  I'm going to check with his pediatrician about when to start that.  In the last couple of weeks, he started saying "Joe-nah" rather than "Nanoo" like he said for over a year.  And, Mickey Mouse is not longer "dee-da" but "Mee-mou."  So, he is making strides but he just needs a little help.  

My big consignment sale is next week.  I have a TON of work to get done before this time next week but it is so worth it in the end.  I'm hopeful to have great results so I can outfit my kiddos for the summer.  They both need play clothes, swim suits and few church things.  And, if we spend as much time outside as I hope to do, we will need lots of sunscreen!


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