Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Fool's Day

On Monday, I asked Jonah if he knew what April Fool's Day was?  He did not.  I gave him a brief lesson on the day and we moved on.  No jokes played.  Life went on.  Yesterday, as I was driving him home from school, there was not a car in sight but he yelled "watch out, that car is going to hit you! April Fool's!"  (the trickster in me has much to work on with his pranks...that was pitiful!)  I told him it wasn't April Fool's Day anymore so he couldn't play April Fool's jokes.  He quickly responded with "Well, I didn't know what it was on that day so I'm taking this whole month to do the jokes!'  

He then went on to tell me that he really got Ms. Ginny good.  I held my breath because Ginny Wright is the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet.  She is his piano teacher.  I was scared to death of what he did to her.  Ready for it?  When he sat down at practice, he said "I can't remember where Middle C is?"  Yep, he really got her.  And, being the kind soul that she is, she played right into after he said "April Fool's" to her.  He said she kept saying "you got me, you really got me!"

So, be warned!  You might just be driving with him on an empty road and be startled about a car that is going to hit you or you may have to teach him where Middle C is on the piano!  Either way, I'm keenly aware of the task that lies in front of me to teach him proper April Fool's jokes.  Math, Science, Music, and, well, let's face it, most everything of importance will lean strongly towards Dan, but this one, this is all up to me!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Considerate of the Tooth Fairy

A few minutes ago, I was talking to Jonah about several things while we rode in the car.  Since he just lost his tooth yesterday, that was a big part of the conversation.  I asked him if he woke up at all in the middle of the night to see if the tooth fairy had come yet.  He said "Well, I did wake up and I wanted to look really bad but I kept my eyes closed really tight so I wouldn't distract her if she was in my room!"  I asked why he tried not to distract her and he said "because there are so many other boys and girls who probably expect her to come tonight too and I didn't want to slow her down and cause her to not get to their house before morning!"  

I seriously teared up a little.  I said "Jonah, that is so, so, so thoughtful of you!"  I'm proud of you for thinking of others like that!"  He said "Well, it was REALLY hard and I had to squeeze my eyes shut so I wouldn't be tempted to look!" 

We have been working overtime on Jonah's consideration of other people.  It is hard training a little boy to be respectful, polite, kind and considerate.  Most days it seems that we don't make a lot of progress but then he surprises us with things like that.  He was truly concerned that another kid would be disappointed that the fairy didn't make it to their house.  Maybe, just maybe he WILL grow into an adult who doesn't only think of himself!!  :-)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jonah lost his first tooth!

On the day that Jonah turned 6 months old, his first tooth popped through.  It was a joyous day!  Our first baby had his first tooth!  Then, just a few weeks later, the second tooth popped through.  It wasn't until then that I was even able to capture a picture of that first tooth.  As a mom, that tooth was a beautiful thing!  It was another milestone in the life of that sweet baby that I prayed God would give us.  Since that day, many other milestones have happened and we rarely even think about the day that tooth came in.  But, today is a little different.  I've been thinking about that tooth because now it is gone.  Today, on Easter Sunday, Jonah lost his first tooth just six years and two months after it came in.  

We knew it was getting close to time for it to go.  So, last night I told him I wanted to take some pictures of him with all of his baby teeth for maybe the last time.  We went back to his bedroom after his shower.  He climbed in his bed and grabbed Lammy.  I thought that was a pretty appropriate thing to do.  Lammy has been with him since day one.  Lammy is still his favorite sleepy toy and most prized possession. 

As you know, today is Easter Sunday.  I dropped Jonah at his Sunday School class and told him I would see him after Children's Church.  So, I was surprised to see Katie (one of our teenagers and babysitters) walking towards me with Jonah.  As soon as his eyes met mine, he burst into tears.  Through sobs, he told me he lost his tooth.  He was so sad.  I think it scared him that it happened without either of us with him.  I finally got him calmed down enough to tell me what happened.  He said he was walking to the Family Life Center and he said "I put my tongue right over it and it sort of just pushed and fell out!"  I think he was more embarrassed about it than anything else. 

The first service was ending as all of this took place.  The crowds were HUGE so there was no way to get through and down the aisle to Dan because we were going against the flow.  And, he was sobbing!  So we went down the side and through the door that leads to the stage.  Dan spotted him and Jonah just fell apart.  Since it was Easter Sunday, I had my camera and got a couple of pictures. 

We (along with everyone else who saw him crying) kept telling him how great this was.  I knew he believed that but he was just so upset.  I'm convinced it was about it coming out when he wasn't with us and it just surprised him.  Thankfully Katie was there to help him and get him to us.  He decided to skip Children's Church and just stay in worship with us.  I enjoyed having him next to me.  

Now that he has had a little time to process it, he is kind of excited about losing his first tooth.  He says it feels weird just like we told him it would.  This is just another step in him becoming a big kid.  It seems something else changes about him every single day.  I can almost not even remember the days I spent rocking him because our days are filled with homework, bike rides, reading and karate.  He is a fun little boy who makes my life so much better.  I was just about to write about how sweet and cute he was but as I started, he said "Daddy, come sit here."  So, Dan did.  (It was on a whoopie cushion!)  Now he is dancing around saying "Daddy tooted!  Daddy tooted!"  Yep, he's a full-fledged big kid now!


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