Thursday, March 21, 2013

Church Directory Pictures

A few weeks ago, we had Church Directory pictures taken.  I did a TERRIBLE job of scheduling our time. Which, is rather unfortunate because I spent a lot of time thinking about it and planning the best scenario but failed miserably when scheduling.  Micah is in one of the worst moods of his short 2 years on this planet.  I'm not kidding.  It was borderline embarrassing.  Our appointment was on a Thursday at 5:30 p.m.  It wasn't until 40 minutes into the nightmare of a session that it hit, we didn't feed our children dinner.  HE. WAS. STARVING!  

In the rush to get out the door, we never factored in two kids who eat dinner at the exact same time that we were leaving to go have pictures taken.  Epic parental fail!  The only reason Micah is smiling in these pictures are because of the absolute silliness going on in the room.  The rest of the time he was in full meltdown mode. 
As you can see, we ended up with two shots of him smiling.  She didn't even try to attempt more for the sale.  She was basically like "if you're good, I'm good!"  And, trust me...we were good!  Definitely not the best pictures of us but we take what we can get after a night like that.  Whew!   These came in the mail today.  We ended up with two 8x10's.  I snapped a shot with my cell phone thus the impeccable quality!  :-)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feeding the Ducks with Micah

 There is this really odd thing that happens when you add another child to your family.  That child just kind of adapts to life with an older sibling.  But, when the older sibling is in school, for a short time, the little guy gets to be the center of attention.  He gets to be the one doing fun things instead of tagging along in a stroller. 

 Last Friday, we took him to feed the ducks.  We do this fairly often but on this day, it was just him.  No one was taking the bread from him.  (except the ducks!)  No one was taking Mommy or Daddy's attention from him.  He loved every single minute. 

 It was one of those times that I really enjoyed but at some point, realized how much he also relished the alone time.  He held our hands. He laughed.  He talked.  He chased ducks.  He chased us.  He had fun being the only little person. 

 When the bread was all gone, I said "come on, buddy!"  Time to go!"  He smiled bigger than he had all day and exclaimed "Yay!  Go get Nonah!!!"  I guess that being with his brother is even better than being alone with mommy and daddy!  There is something really special about being brothers!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The food trucks come to town

Sunday night, our family got to experience The Food Truck Bazaar for the first time. They have been to DeLand a few times but it always fell on a night that Dan had meetings.  I didn't want to do that without him so we always missed it.  But, this time it was Dakota's birthday and Donna planned a little gathering.  Dan had a meeting but I went anyway.  We had to be there to celebrate Kota!  :-)

I walked around to each truck to check out the menu with Jonah.  Some of these things were a little to out there for a 6 year old.  But, when we got to the Chicken & Waffles truck, he was just fine.  As of late, his favorite thing on the planet is a waffle with peanut butter and Nutella.  Guess what they had on the menu?  He was THRILLED!!!

Dan ended up getting there for the last 30 minutes or so.  He arrived just in time to help get two WILD boys back to the cars and loaded up.  It was a fun night.  My favorite thing was a grilled cheese sandwich with grilled pear, brie and honey! 


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