Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Thanksgiving Vacation: Final Post

I'm sure you have been on the edge of your seats just waiting for the final post of our vacation.  Well, here it is...2 months later!  If you remember, I left you hanging on Thanksgiving night when it ended with Jonah and the stomach virus.  This is what he looked like the next morning.  Poor thing. 
There are no more pictures because we did ZERO that day.  We were scared to leave the cabin because he felt bad and I was sure me or Micah would be next.  We did finally venture out for dinner.  When we got back, Micah found the oreo cookies Louise sent in our snack bag. 

Dan gave him one.  Or, maybe two.  Either way, he was happy.  VERY happy. 

And, that pretty much sums up our last full day at the cabin.  Riveting, huh?  I'm glad we had those fun days before the stomach virus hit.  We cut our trip early due to the sickness so we got up fairly early the next morning so we could start the 9 hour trip home.  I put this hat on Micah and he got so tickled with himself.  He loved it. 

It was quite chilly that morning so the boys go all bundled up in the car while we took care of final details at the cabin.  We were sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful place but after the sickness, we were more than ready to get home. 

We stopped for gas in Gainesville and all got blizzards from Dairy Queen.  This was a special treat because we don't have a Dairy Queen in DeLand.  That is definitely something we miss from Natchez.  Even Micah got his own.  (that is HUGE that we trusted him with ice cream in the car!!!)

It was a good trip.  We enjoyed being away.  We enjoyed being together.  Now we are all looking forward to our next family vacation!

Friday, January 11, 2013


Since I'm on my second kid, I feel like I have a little wisdom in the parenting arena.  Jonah was kind of like on the job training, but with Micah, I feel a little more in the game.  It's like I almost know what is coming.  I'm no expert, by any means, but I just feel prepared.  For instance, when Jonah became mobile, it rocked our worlds.  ROCKED. OUR. WORLDS.  That new thing of constantly being up and after him was a wild ride.  So, when Micah was a baby, I prolonged him rolling over and crawling as long as possible.  I knew once that happened that I would need my running shoes on at all times.  

With Jonah, I practiced walking with him from the time he could hold his head up.  With Micah, I shielded his eyes from other kids his age who walked.  I played with him on the floor so he would have no desire to try to take off on his own.  I wanted non-mobility as long as possible.   He didn't officially start walking until a few weeks after he turned one.  FINE. BY. ME. 

Just yesterday, I realized that we are completely past the "into everything" stage with Micah and we survived it again.  I can leave the room for long periods of time and not worry about what he is into.  He no longer presses every button on the TV/Wii/DVD.  He sits for extended periods of time and just looks at books.  One day this week, I cleaned the entire back of the house while he sat in the living room floor and played with toys and read books.  I kept peeking my head around the corner and he never really left his spot.  For almost 2 hours!

Then, on another day this week, I woke up feeling pretty rotten.  I was hurting from my surgery (which only happens when I have super long and busy days) and needed to be flat for a while.  After I fed him breakfast, I asked him to get some books and come to my bed.  He found several favorites, the Ipad and a couple of toys then headed to bed with me.  We stayed in my bed for about three hours that morning.  It was a sweet time.  

I realized tonight that I love this age.  Yes, he is two!  Yes, I'm sure we are about to have many rough days.  But, right now, these days are super sweet.  He, for the most part, is such a thankful little guy.  He most always says "thank you" for everything you hand him.  He freely gives hugs.  He adores his brother.  He is a FULL-ON mommy's boy.  He is fun to play with.  He loves to run and jump.  He understands direction and correction.  He loves to sit and read.  He's just at a fun age.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

We woke up Christmas Eve to Jonah rushing into our room to tell us Phibby left a note for him on the tree.  It was the last morning Phibby would be there before flying back to The North Pole until next Thanksgiving.  He was in awe!  If you missed him reading the letter, you can see that here

At some point during the day, Jonah told Dan "I hope Santa Claus remembers about Christmas being Jesus' birthday so I put a Bible Verse Card next to Phibby so he could take it back to Santa and maybe they could memorize it!"  Yeah, that pretty much brought tears to our eyes.  He seems to finally be getting it. 
We spent the day around the house doing different things then it was time to head to the church for the two Christmas Eve Services.  Unfortunately, I had not tried Jonah's clothes on him because when I put them on, the pants were about three inches too short and the tie was about four inches too short.  I had to make a quick wardrobe change for him.  I couldn't tuck his shirt in because his belt didn't fit anymore.  Have I mentioned lately how fast this kid is growing???

For our Christmas Eve services, we offer nursery for the first service but not the second.  So, I took the kiddos to the nursery before heading over to the service.  Once again, taking a picture of both of them proved a little difficult. 

After the first service ended, I grabbed them so we could take our yearly photo in front of the tree.  Once child was a little more willing than the other. 

We did manage to get a good family photo but ole' Lavon pulled a trick out of Dan's playbook and photo bombed us.  A special thank you to Danno for starting that around this place. 

There was still about 20 minutes before the next service started so I took both boys into the sanctuary to show them the candles.  I knew Micah wouldn't be there for that part but Jonah wanted him to see the candle.  Fortunately, the photo bomber above and his wife offered to watch Micah in the cry room during the second service since they attended the first.  SO GRATEFUL!  I took him into the service for the music because I knew he would love it.  As the music ended, Dan got up to do the welcome as we began to slip out so I could hand Micah off.  He started yelling, and I mean YELLING "BYE, Daddy!  BYE, Daddy!  BYE, Daddy!  BYE-BYE!"

Faith come up to see Dan and then said "Mrs. Nicki, do you have your camera to take our picture?"  So sweet!  Love those kiddos!
And, of course, what is a Christmas Eve service without a picture with Graci Jan? 

As we night ended and we got ready to head to our car, I looked and saw Jonah carrying Micah up the aisle.  Apparently, "Micah just wouldn't listen!"

We decided, like last year, to grab pizza on the way home.  Except, we didn't know that all the pizza places were already closed for Christmas Eve.  So, we found the only place open and ran in for a quick bite.  IHOP!

"Take picture with mommy, pease?"  Except, he didn't want to move his cup.  AT ALL. 

And, at some point the meltdown began.  He was tired.  It was past his bedtime.  He was hungry.  Did I mention he was tired? 

We quickly ate our meal then headed home for our Christmas Eve traditions.  We started by changing into their super cute pajamas.  Then, we put our Santa cookies out.  Uncle Marty sends us a special shipment every year of cookies just for Santa.  We have used the same recipe every year and Santa must really like them because he eats all of them.  It is a huge blessing that Uncle Marty does this because unlike most families, we are gone for about 6 hours for Christmas Eve services so we don't have time to make cookies, reindeer food, etc. 

I told Micah we needed to put cookies on the plate and he did exactly that.  HA!

And, like every year, both boys have to try a few of Santa's cookies just to test that they are okay!

I asked the boys to smile for a picture.  This is what I got.  Jonah's new "pose" is this.  I get it many times.  He says it is "so cool!"

After getting Santa's snacks fully prepared, we sat down for Dan to read his new book to the boys.  Micah especially loved this one!

We got the kiddos all snug in their beds then I went back into Jonah's room so we could track Santa online.  We sat in the dark, under his covers watching Santa's every move. 
I got busy getting stockings ready and quickly discovered they were too heavy to "Hang by the chimney with care!" 

We set up the Nativity Set and put the Bible and the Devotional Bible out so we could do that early the next morning. 

It was finally time for us to head to bed.  Santa visited and left both boys three gifts.  Micah got a trampoline, a racetrack and a kitchen. 
They both had several gifts to open each and one BIG gift to open together.  In years past, when a gift arrived in the mail, we let them open it and play with it that day.  That way they could fully appreciate it and enjoy it AND recognize who it was from.  Whether it was from Vidalia, Texas or Family.  Well, this year, Dan decided he wanted them to have all of the to open on Christmas morning.  So, all of the wrapped gifts (with the exception of 3-4 I broke him on) that you see are basically from friends and family who sent them here.  The jury is still out on how we will handle that in the future.  Dan still likes his way of Christmas morning and I still like my way of celebrating when they arrive and I get them wrapped. 

Jonah's three gifts from Santa were a new keyboard (he takes piano lessons), a Hot Wheels Racetrack, a video games. 

It was well after 1:00 a.m. before we got to bed.  Poor Max fell asleep in Dan's arms.  He was TIRED!
This is also the first time we have had gifts in a place other than around the tree.  We just could not fit them there this year.  They gifts this year were big in size so we had to move into the living room area.  It seems odd to not see a tree in this picture. 
Stay tuned for Christmas Morning!


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