Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas of 2013

 We got to church just in time to snap a couple of pictures then get Micah to the nursery.  We were actually 45 minutes early when I realized we left a gift at home for Jonah's piano teacher.  It was Christmas in nature so we ran back home to grab it so Jonah could give it to her. 
 We dropped Micah at the nursery for the 4:00 service.  We only offer nursery for one of our services so we took advantage of that while it was offered.  After the first service, we got him from the nursery and took a few more pictures while we waited for the 6:00 service. 

 We were able to visit with the Schacters a little before leaving for the night.  Megan is so much taller than Jonah but only a year older than him.  They are big buddies!
 We grabbed our pizza from Papa Johns and ran home to change into Christmas pajamas so we could get on with our family traditions.  We added a new photo in this year.  Thanks to Dave and Laura, I have this fun Santa sign to add to my Christmas decor.  I loved it from the moment I saw it at the first of the season and love it even more now that I have it at home.  They delivered it for my birthday last weekend.  SO SO SO Sweet!
 We then moved into the kitchen to get cookies and milk ready for Santa.  We have always had cookies from Uncle Marty but he had surgery a few weeks ago and wasn't able to make his Christmas goodies.  I'm sure Santa will be sad to miss those but will happily accept these cookies made by the Braswell's when the boys went to play yesterday!  We would like to be that family that bakes our own cookies but leaving home from 3-9 every Christmas Eve makes that a little difficult. 

 The following pictures you see with my kids grinning are true signs of laughter.  We were trying to get the dog to cooperate.  The boys thought that was hilarious!

 Dan opened his book and read the story to the boys.  They were both a little sad that "Daddy got to open a present!"  I tried to help them remember this tradition

 Micah couldn't decided if he wanted to sit with them or do flips off the couch!!  Have I ever mentioned how crazy he is?

 They wanted to sleep together so bad tonight but we knew they would never fall asleep.  I went into check on them and found each of them almost off the bed!

 We decided to pick Micah up and move him to Jonah just to make Jonah's dream come true of "sleeping with my brother on the night that Santa comes!"  Jonah will be quite surprised to wake up and find Micah in bed with him. 

 Micah's three gifts this year are a basketball goal, a board game and a Monster's Inc. Imaginext set. 
 Jonah's three gifts this year are a microscope, Super Hero Legos and a Wii game.

This momma has got to get some sleep.  If the boys slept alone, we would be able to sleep until 9 or 10.  But, I'm fully expecting a 6 or 7 a.m. wake up call since they are together!  More tomorrow...

Merry Christmas!

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