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December iPhone Photos

Blogging about my monthly iPhone photos has become one of my favorite posts each month.  Since I have my phone with me all the time, I catch more moments of life with it than I do my camera.  For instance, Dan spent a week in Nashville with our Senior Adults and this was the day we picked him up.  We missed him so much!!  I would have never taken my big camera but I snapped this sweet photos of three boys who were very happy to be reunited.  (And, one small boy who may be smiling sweetly because of a promised candy cane being held just out of view of the camera!!!)
This picture on Margie's camera made me laugh.  It was from a night at The Mix Sunday School party. 
Jonah's Children's Choir sang in the services on December 8.  That day will forever be etched in my memory as the day we discovered that he has rhythm and a good bit of soul!  While there are a couple of videos you can see, they do no justice to what we saw that day.  And, of course, the video was not on at those times.  Let me just say that I worried that he wouldn't sing at all up there.  Little did I know that he would become a performer.  If only the pictures and videos did it justice.  It was so epic that people are still mentioning it to me. 

You can actually see his leg kicked out in this one.  Dude was dancing. 

Yep, grooving again!

I snapped this photo the same morning as our choir sang and orchestra played.  Our church is very blessed in the area of music. 
That same morning, our church honored Dan with gifts, cards and recognition of his Doctorate.  It was very sweet and such a surprise to him.  I have more pictures from that so I'll do a whole post on it. 
Like most Sundays, Dan had meetings that afternoon, so I took the boys to lunch at Chili's.  They have new electronic devices at each table.  This is what they looked like until the food came.  So much for interesting conversation.  :-)
This little weather map made it's way across Facebook and Instagram.  I couldn't help but chuckle.  I was wearing flip flops and shorts while my friends across the country were freezing.  I was reminded again that I love Florida. 

I tweeted about this the day before we left for New Orleans.  Hello culture shock for these Floridians!!!!
Our whole family was excited to head to New Orleans for Dan's graduation.  We sent Jonah to school that morning then loaded the car while he was gone.  We picked him up just before lunch. 

And, off we went!  I had some crazy idea to have Dan drop me and the boys off with all of our luggage while he went to park.  That meant I had to get all the luggage checked and get both kids, myself and our carry on bag through security.  That was interesting to say the least.  But, we did it. 
We put all of our carry-on stuff into one little suitcase that the boys have.  That was much easier than every one of us having a backpack or bag. 

FINALLY on the airplane where the beauty of electronic devices is appreciated!

As we were leaving school, Jonah's teacher told us to take lots of pictures to text to her.  The flight attendant overheard that and told the pilot who invited us up after the flight.  Jonah was thrilled.  He even lifted Jonah up and into the seat. 

When we got to New Orleans, I stayed with bags while Dan and Jonah went to get the car.  New Orleans airport has a new rental car facility that is SO far from the airport.  There was no way to get both boys and all of our luggage over their easily.  So, we just waited.  Micah sang loudly for every passer by to hear. 

Our first meal in NO was Drago's.  It was as yummy as usual.  Char-grilled oysters...AMAZING!

A family of four sleeping in one hotel room for 4 days is always interesting.  We put the boys in bed together the first night.  That was the only night we did that because they were up WAY too early the next morning.  LESSON LEARNED!

Jonah did some reading while we got ready for our first day of adventures in The Big Easy.

The boy who is used to 10-12 hours of sleep at night was already tired at 8:00 in the morning. 
We boarded a double decker bus and headed out to discover New Orleans.  We would have sat down in the warmth had we not had the boys.  But, they wanted the adventure of the top so we sat up there.  I'm cold just thinking about it again.  Dan didn't even have a jacket with him so we had to go buy a hoodie for him. 

Little dude was laid out exhausted on the steps while waiting for the bus. 

We got up the next morning for more adventure.  I had to stall us at the hotel because I knew a surprise from Texas was meeting us there.  Jonah knew also but Dan was in the dark.  He later told me that he knew something was up because I'm never so slow getting ready and out of a place.  (I'm a wee bit of a task master when it comes to getting up, getting going and getting out!)  But, when you are stalling, you have time take pictures of yourself in the mirror. 

And, at just the right moment, the Strickland's walked into our hotel lobby and surprised the graduate.  They are our dear friends from our seminary church in Texas.  Fortunately, their flight was on time and we were able to spend most of the day with them. 

Dan had graduation rehearsal so he was at the seminary a good part of the afternoon.  Micah desperately needed a nap so I took him back to the hotel while Jonah went on adventures with our Texas friends.  They text me this picture. 
Little boys dressed for daddy's graduation!!
The whole family!
It is FINALLY happening!

Once again. Jonah's excitement over singing came out.  Dude is OUT in the aisle!

Love her!
They loved Cafe DuMonde!

Jonah FINALLY got to see Lake Ponchatrain on the way to the airport.  After reading about Hurricane Katrina, this was a goal of his in New Orleans.  Seriously, this was the highlight of his trip!

Back at the airport!!!
And, just because you go on vacation in New Orleans, that does not mean you get to escape homework!!

This little text exchange makes me laugh.  I had a little accident in NO the morning we left.  Let's just say I was sprawled out in the middle of the floor of the hotel lobby after an unfortunate fall. 
Waiting to deplane!
Nothing like a little hammock time with this sweet three year old!

This is one of Jonah's Christmas reading books.  His librarian recommended it for him.  He loved it so far.  Hopefully he will finish before school starts back Monday. 

My birthday!

I've always wanted an Edible Arrangement.  My family REALLY enjoyed this!

Christmas Eve Services. 
This little photo of Dan helping Micah follow along in the hymnal is so sweet to me. 
Christmas Eve tradition!
My neighbor delivered a birthday gift on Christmas Eve.  It included a little joke of a hair protector for nighttime.  I sent her a text modeling it. 
Christmas morning!

The day after Christmas. 
Ahh...Buzz Lightyear!  A last minute purchase that has become a favorite for both boys. 
Board Games the day after Christmas. 
We still have presents a few days after Christmas. 

More books from Art and Vera for the boy's Christmas!!!
We decided to spend Saturday at Sea World.  Good planning on our part.  Except, not really. 

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